This could be a story like so many others, a boy, a girl, a love story and a "happily ever after" ending, but it's not!

In fact, this story also has a boy and a girl who love each other deeply, but for reasons unknown to both, what was once a great love, is now the biggest nightmare in the lives of both and all those around them.

What if you did not know what you did yesterday?

Or rather, what if you did not know what you did yesterday but knew you did something serious and would be held accountable?

What if, besides all this, you still realized that this situation has become a routine with increasingly serious repercussions?

This is the the story of Alex’s day in, day out, whom from a certain day no longer remembers what he did the day before and struggles to save himself. It is a case to say that the protagonist has become the antagonist or that the protagonist is the antagonist.

This is a survival story in which to win, Alex has to be able to fool himself! Is this possible?

Love, humor, fear, longing, disgust, pity, nerves, stress, anguish, curiosity, uncontrollableness, adrenaline, chase and many laughs to the mix is what Alex offers in his story in day in, day out.

  • Pedro Mira
    Day In, Day Out
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Dia sim, dia não
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  • Genres:
    suspense, thriller, action
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  • Guiões
    March 26, 2020
Writer Biography - Pedro Mira

Pedro Mira was born in Lisbon in 1978.

He studied Multimedia Engineering but soon realized that his passion passed through stories and images.

Over the years he has been writing ideas and synopses of various stories and in 2010 he finished writing his first feature film, "Day in, day out".

Currently has in his portfolio several music videos, institutional videos, and two short films.

Since 2010 he has been working in a social project in Santo António dos Cavaleiros called Eu Amo SAC, giving training in the areas of photography and video to the young people who attend the project.

It was in this project that the two short films "Nas Entrelinhas" and "Nojo" were born.

Pedro's dream is one day watch "Day in, day out" in a movie theater.

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