BREAKING BAD meets LOST, to peek behind the Norman Rockwellesque curtain of established U.S. history, and show how the "American Dream" can sometimes hide a nightmare.
When Hermann, one of Germany’s top scientists, gets expatriated to America at the close of the Second World War, it seems to be the perfect opportunity for him to flee a war torn Europe and protect his wife Ingrid, along with their young son Steven. All Uncle Sam wants in exchange for his safety, is for him to continue his ground breaking research and perfect “the Bell”, his prodigious -if experimental- Cold Fusion machine… only this time beneath the secretive sands of Area 51.
He gets stationed alongside Paul, America’s own physics wunderkind, and as their friendship grows so do their results. Soon exceeding all expectations, their teamwork begins to offer tantalizing glimpses of the clean energy humanity so desperately seeks… But just as they’re about to complete the very last of the Bell’s trial runs, tragedy strikes: An earthquake interrupts their experiment, throwing the facility into a state of chaos.
As the researchers tend to their wounds and assess the damage, Paul realizes Hermann is still in the base’s main chamber and goes to free him, without realizing what the quake has set in motion… Locked beneath a jammed hatch, Hermann can’t believe his eyes! He watches impossible creatures burst out of his damaged machine and spill into our reality, melting through everything they touch. Paul arrives just in time to see his trapped friend be consumed by the abominations, and can only flee in terror... But little does Paul know that yet another deathtrap awaits him under the evening stars.
He emerges from the facility in a panic, only to discover that the "rescue" helicopters filling the skies are anything but. As soon as the choppers land, Paul watches in shock, as mercenaries pour out and gun down his injured coworkers, victims of a scientific coup! After murdering all the witnesses, the troops descend into the crumbling laboratory to steal their research... but soon find themselves overwhelmed by the otherworldly monsters that have continued to erupt from the Bell’s mangled husk.
In the fog of the unexpected battle, Paul again barely escapes with his life and rides off with Ruben, a guard he found cowering under a truck. As they drive away, an almighty flash lights up the their rearview mirror as the outpost explodes, in one last, desperate attempt to control the rapidly degenerating situation... But some horror can't be burned away.
Despite the massive cover-up that blossoms in the following days, Hermann’s empty coffin raises more questions than it answers. Like a festering wound, his unexplained death ends up poisoning not only his families’ future, but also the lives of the three sole survivors of the catastrophe: Ruben the security guard, his colleague Paul, and Eddy, one of the Special Forces assassins. These men will try to forget what they lived, each in their own way: Ruben by chasing control and becoming a police officer, Paul by starting a relationship with Hermann’s gorgeous widow to "fix" the past and Eddy, by pretending nothing ever happened as he tries to surf the fear away.
But almost 20 years later, when Hermann’s now-adult son, Steven, discovers the true nature of his father’s work, these men will be drawn back together by the murderous ire of a secret police, tasked with monitoring what is deemed “acceptable” truth… the Men in Black
Suddenly pushed to extreme measures, these protagonists will find their destinies once more intertwined, at the closure of a shared nightmare come full circle back to haunt them. Juggling hopes and heartbreak, rage and regrets, they will have to navigate and survive the deadly underworld of deep state power politics, to protect the lives they’ve salvaged and the people they hold dear, all while these mysterious and deadly agents hound their every move.
Their path will take them to the darkest corners of man’s desires, from the forgotten, tunneled caverns of a military run amok, to clandestine bunkers on the frozen Antarctic plains… And each will have to discover just how far he is willing to go out of fear.
Or love.
Birth Date
October 2, 1990
Birth City
Westchester, PA
Current City
Moscow, Russia
Fribourg, Switzerland
Married To
Julia Bernardini
BREAKING BAD meets LOST, to peek behind the Norman Rockwellesque curtain of established U.S. history, and show how the "American Dream" can sometimes hide a nightmare.
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Résumé & Attachments