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We would like to inform you that there will be no cancellation or postponement of our Festivals operations for this COVID 19 issue. Festival team along with Honorable juries remain committed to continuing the festival operations as per prevailing schedule and process.

All our screening events will remain currently postponed due to prevailing restrictions and will be scheduled for the first safe opportunity, once this current situation is over.

Cult Critic Movie Awards™ (CCMA) is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization & an IMDb Award Listing Qualifier.

CCMA is an INTERNATIONAL LIVE SCREENING FILM FESTIVAL organized by a leading international film magazine CULT CRITIC™. The monthly live screenings take place at the end of each month at the auditorium of HLC Studios in Kolkata.

All monthly winners of the period from September 2021 to August 2022 will be automatically nominated for the prestigious JEAN LUC GODARD AWARD.

Films entered in multiple categories may win multiple awards!

The award is recognition of what it means to have that founding motivating force. It is much more than a trophy; it is a message that the spirit of film is alive. The award is a mark of excellence in Motion Pictures. This spirit is felt in every word of a script, every frame, every cell and every pixel of film produced around the world.

We accept films in a wide range of categories. You can reach us if you have a question using the email address. We try to answer each email ASAP, priority always being given to films and filmmakers in actual competition or already having submitted. Please note we do not grant free submissions.

Our goal is to help independent filmmakers screening their films, awarding them, show their films to high level industry talents and public figures. We keep supporting and promoting winners and nominees long after their nomination or their win: we follow you on Facebook and Instagram; we share your work…We have partnerships with Medias, established film companies.

CCMA is a monthly live screening film competition. So each month more than 20 films from each category are officially selected and out of them at least one per category is awarded. The most representative are monthly screened in Calcutta and have a free academic and detailed review published at our International film magazine CULT CRITIC™, shared at respective IMDb pages (if applicable). All these monthly winners are automatically qualified for the prestigious JEAN LUC GODARD AWARD™ (the best of the best).

All the monthly winners can receive the prestigious Cult Critic Movie Awards trophies, by paying production cost and shipping cost.


The Cult Critic Collection (TCCC) is an innovative marketing & distribution platform which focuses on licensing critical classic and contemporary cult films and selling them to cinephiles. The project is an initiative of CULT CRITIC film magazine to discover, showcase and distribute Independent Art-house Cult Cinemas throughout the world. It’s a complete promotion and distribution solution for the selected films. The selected films will be awarded with the prestigious Cult Classic Medal of Honour & Badge and will be listed in the GOLDEN COLLECTION OF CULT CLASSIC, a hard copy film encyclopaedia which will be published annually and will be circulated to all the reputed academic organizations of the world. Not only that the program will provide the film Cult Classic prestige, market it and make it go viral.

Mission of TCCC:

The Mission of this project is to discover exceptional art-house cult cinema from all over the world, awarding them the prestigious Cult Classic Medal of Honour & Badge and market them worldwide. The project has been initiated to provide a supportive platform for the exceptionally talented independent cult filmmakers who have taken the risk of making offbeat films and help them to market and distribute their films. Another important aspect of this project is to introduce more people to cult cinema and develop a permanent audience base. We believe that a story driven by a genuine expression can stimulate new thoughts that have the power to promote the fundamental principles of humanism; expand creative frontiers; stimulate new levels of compassion, and even lead to social change. TCCC project is a venture dedicated to the discovery and development of new Artists and Audiences.

Selection Process:

TCCC is a monthly competition and the call for entry will remain open throughout the year. Submitters may submit their films through FilmFreeway or through the Cult Critic website’s submission gateway. A cross-cultural and worldwide judge’s panel (from Asia, Europe and America) will minutely review all submitted films every month and publish a list of selected films at the end of the month and the selected films will be screened at the end of each month at Indira Cinema (one of the most prestigious heritage movie venues of Kolkata). This is not an elimination process, so there is no 1st, 2nd or 3rd Award. All the monthly selected films will be treated equally and will receive same benefits as Live screening, Marketing, Promotion and Distribution etc. As we have mentioned that TCCC is a selection process so there may be multiple films awarded in a same month or may not be a single film.

Prestige, Award, Distribution and More:

Unlike other films, Cult Classic receptions inhabit an alternative network of cultural valuation and distinction. This alternative network of valuation exists parallel to – and occasionally within circuits of institutionalized prestige, awards and criticism. Cult Critic is a division of Human Lab Corporation, a leading multinational film production and distribution company. In this project, we will be providing numbers of incentives for the selected films, and present promotional strategies for them and their directors.

1. First, the selected films will be awarded with the beautiful Cult Classic Medal of Honour and prestigious ‘CULT CLASSIC’ badge which the filmmaker can use in their posters / banners for promotional purpose. The filmmaker will also be awarded with the certificate of recognition, the gown, hood and mortarboard cap.

2. Detailed review of the film and an exclusive interview of the director will be published in Cult Critic film magazine and its affiliated international journals. A report on ‘Making of ...’ the film will also be published in reputed international film magazines.

3. The film will be listed in the GOLDEN COLLECTION OF CULT CLASSICS, a hard copy film encyclopaedia which will be annually published and circulated to all the reputed academic institutions of the world.

4. The director’s name will be listed in the prestigious CULT CRITIC: HALL OF FAME DIRECTORS GALLERY and remain for ever for his achievement and contribution in the motion pictures.

5. The Film will be promoted through audio visual, printed and digital media and the name of the film will be virally spread through Cult Critic and it’s affiliates’ social media pages.

6. The film will receive Theatrical, Digital & DVD / Blue-Ray distribution opportunity from HLC Pictures and its distribution partners.

7. There will be a glamorous red carpet premiere with press conferences and gala parties at Kolkata in the presence of international movie celebrities. The participants will have excellent opportunities to exchange their ideas, ideologies and cultural innuendoes. The winners will have a chance to meet with the audience and participate in Q&A after the screening.

8. The Movie inspired T-shirts, Clothing, and Poster with Director’s signature, lifestyle and decorative goods; Luxury products will be manufactured and kept available in the Cult Critics’ ‘STORE’ for online selling.

The Director or the Producer of the film will receive 70% of the revenue earned from the distribution and franchise of the movie. And finally The Cult Critic Collection project will take you global with its innovative marketing strategy and promotional plans and help you to secure your position in the highly competitive film industry.


The Cult Critic Movie Awards™ accepts works of all lengths, genres, dates of completion, and countries of origin. Films have no premiere requirements or screening restrictions and may be released or unreleased. Screenplays have no prior distribution restrictions and may be produced or unproduced.

All projects officially selected in each month receive the CCMA laurel and certificate, and are rated at their IMDb pages (if applicable). All monthly Award Winners receive the CCMA laurel and customized certificate. They can also receive the prestigious Cult Critic Movie Awards trophies, by paying production cost and shipping cost.

Each month, the most representatives of monthly award winners are screened in Kolkata, at the auditorium of HLC Studios, and reviewed by CULT CRITIC film magazine. These reviews are shared at each film IMDb page (if applicable). Some filmmakers, screenwriters and actors/actresses could be invited for an interview to be published as well in CULT CRITIC film magazine. Besides MAIN AWARDS, it can be given also OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS in the different categories.

Each year we select the Best of the Best (from the pool of all award winners from all categories) and the prizes are the CULT CRITIC’s prestigious JEAN LUC GODARD AWARD™.

We will be providing incentives for winning films, and present promotional strategies for the winning films and their directors. First we conduct an Interview with the director which is posted in our portal, plus a published review by one of our esteemed writers from CULT CRITIC magazine. But that's not all: CCMA will take you global with international distribution opportunities for your films.

Please read these Rules & Terms carefully before you submit your film. By submitting your film into competition in the Cult Critic Movie Awards™, you expressly acknowledge and agree that you shall be bound by the terms of these Rules & Terms.

CCMA is open to any film completed after January 1, 2010, regardless of content, subject, or origin. Submitting your film to the CCMA is not a guarantee of selection.

All the official selection, nominees and the winners will be listed on our website permanently. All the winning films will receive a trophy, award or certificate. Please note that we do not offer application fee waivers. We treat every filmmaker equally.

1. Films made in languages other than English must have English subtitles otherwise they will be summarily rejected.
2. The film submitted to the CCMA for a particular month can be re-submitted at any time for a second chance, considering that we have different judges' panels for each season.
3. A director / producer may submit more than one film in a category and more than one category at a time.
4. The CCMA is hereby granted the rights to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted for promotional purposes of the festival within India only. The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements, rules and regulations.
5. The CCMA reserves the right to refuse entries.
6. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the CCMA, from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits and publicity.
7. The CCMA will not refund any fees if the filmmaker fails to submit the film in the correct category. Films submitted without the correct fees or proper submission media may be deemed ineligible at the discretion of the CCMA programming director or executive director. The festival does not cover any of the expenses incurred by the filmmaker.
8. After a film has been an official selection, the filmmaker will be notified, and eventually the film will be listed on the festival website under Official Selections. The Official Selection status doesn’t mean that your film will be screened at the festival. It means that your film has been appreciated by our judges of panel and you can use the festival logo on your poster.
9. A nominee will be privately screened for the CCMA judging panel, and will not be screened initially to the public.
10. “Best” films of each category will receive a laurel & certificate.
11. A filmmaker’s submission fee will not be reimbursed if they decide to withdraw their submission. All entry fees are non-refundable.
12. We require an official trailer or poster, synopsis and a link to your film. Please select the correct category while submitting to avoid disqualification. We reserve right to re-assign films to the appropriate category.
13. CCMA may without advance notice amend these Rules & Terms from time to time. Each and every such amendment shall be become effective immediately. It is your responsibility to periodically check for updates of these Rules & Terms.


All filmmakers understand and accept that if their film is accepted for presentation and screening at the film festival, they grant full and unrestricted permission for CCMA to screen the film/video at times of the festivals choice and to charge an admission fee for the presentation of the digital video program. All the presented film/videos do win a CULT CRITIC MOVIE AWARDS from the festival, CCMA only screens winners. The Filmmaker understands and accepts that they do not participate in receiving any funds from the Box-office proceeds which are fully retained by the festival to help cover the overall cost of the festival presentation. It should be noted for the record that box-office proceeds never cover the cost of presentation of the Features and Short Film Programs. The Festival (CCMA) is a non-profit, Cultural Organization with Federal, State, Country & City Tax-Exemptions.

Required Legal Stuff: The filmmaker releases the festival (CCMA) from any and all liability for dam-ages or destruction of the entered DCP. The Filmmaker understands that the entered DCP will be retained in a secure facility by the festival, and every effort will be taken to protect and control the viewing of this production. The festival assumes no liability whatsoever for theft, copyright violations or piracy of the entry. The Filmmaker accepts and understands that the festival, in conjunction with HLC Studio, Kolkata will do everything possible to present the video in the best possible manner but the festival (CCMA) is not responsible for any and all malfunctions during the presentation of the production at its festival screening. We use Professional Pioneer International playback systems, all formats, all regions, including Region 0. All entries are carefully pre-screened prior to the public showing to assure that the DCP does perform to industry Standards. The Festival (CCMA) assumes no responsibility for any technical difficulties in the presentation of this video at the actual event.

The Film Festival (CCMA) reserves the complete right to make changes in the program dates and times and to possibly not screen the video, despite its being selected for screening. The filmmaker will endeavour to present to The Festival (CCMA) a new and pre-checked Hard disk / DCP for the actual presentation of the video at the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Great festival. Very friendly. Great communication. I highly recommend.

    May 2022
    Response from festival:

    Dear Aemand,

    Thank you for the valuable feedback. We would love to work with you soon. Best wishes for your future endeavors and hope to see you with more beautiful projects in our upcoming seasons.

  • What a pleasure! Great communication and awesome event! Thanks for our 2 awards and can't wait to be back with a new project.

    April 2022
    Response from festival:

    Dear Gwenael,

    Thank you for the valuable feedback. Hope to see you soon with more beautiful projects in our upcoming seasons. Best wishes for your future endeavors.

  • Great people! Great communication! I so wish it was a physical event to meet these awesome people! And of my 70 Best Actor Awards for my roles in The Dark Caller, this festival was one of the best!
    Thanks gang!
    Danny Hayden, The Dark Caller Best Actor Award winner

    April 2022
    Response from festival:

    Dear Danny,

    Thank you for the valuable feedback. We would love to work with you soon. Best wishes for your future projects and hope to see you soon in our upcoming seasons.

  • Big thanks to the whole Cult Critic Movie Awards Team for honoring my M - Demon Killer urban/fantasy-horror screenplay as an Award Winner. I am most grateful.

    March 2022
    Response from festival:

    Dear Mark,

    Thank you for the valuable feedback. We would love to work with you soon. Best wishes for your future endeavors and hope to see you with more beautiful projects in our upcoming seasons.

  • Very blessed and happy with the finalist Best Film Score for Flash/Crash! Thank you Cult Critic Movie Awards.

    March 2022
    Response from festival:

    Dear Angelo,

    Thank you for the valuable feedback. We would love to work with you soon. Best wishes for your future endeavors and hope to see you with more beautiful projects in our upcoming seasons.