Welcome to Crowdfunding Fest.

The first festival for crowdfunding films only!
The bridge between crowdfunding films and the film market.
Designed to bring you joy.

We believe in a world where passionate filmmakers don’t have to sell their house and home to realize their projects. That’s why the focus of Crowdfunding Fest is on crowdfunded projects. We also want to be a platform for the filmmaker to share their craft with the world.

We see Crowdfunding Fest as a bridge between the crowdfunded film industry and the film market.

We will award outstanding performances in different categories to elevate the crowdfunding industry and change the film industry for the better.

Our jury members are all part of the entertainment industry. We want to ensure that your films will be seen by the right people.

We'll bring some action with a 'Live Screen Pitch Event' where the best Screenwriters will pitch their script idea to the crowd. A professional jury will pick and announce the winner on spot!

Our Crow Talk will bring people on stage to share their stories and inspire you.
We want to use our festival to motivate you and bring you new ideas for your next productions.

The Opening Gala and the Closing Gala is designed to give you the best chance to make new connections and friends and to have a lot of fun.

Dear Filmmaker,
You put your time, money and energy in your project,
You laughed, you cried, you nearly gave up,
But in the end, you made it!
You faced the crowd,
You developed new skills,
You overcame all obstacles to come to this point.

How many times did someone tell you,
That it would make no sense.
That you should follow a different path.
That you have no talent.
But you didn’t care about all of those opinions.
You listened to your inner voice,
Because you knew that this project is something that has to be done.
You built a team,
Because you knew that this project will need all the support it can get.
You raised money,
Because you knew that this project deserves to be produced in the best possible way.

You gave all your love and passion.
You left your mark.
You created something new and you’re changing the world.

You are a filmmaker.

Sascha Wolf

Festival Director

Silver Crow Festival Events:

Opening Gala
Red Carpet
Screening of selected movies
Crow Talk
Live Screenpitch
Live Voting
Silver Crow Awards Ceremony
Closing Gala

Film Prizes:

*Certificate (Silver Crow)
-Qualifies you for the annual Award Festival (Golden Crow)

*Certificate (Special Honor) - for outstanding films produced before 2017
*Sponsor Prizes (tba)

Live Screen Pitch:
*Certificate (Silver Crow)
-Qualifies you for the annual Award Festival (Golden Crow)
*Crowd Cash Prize (amount tba)
-We will be the first backer for your crowdfunding campaign for the script you pitched.

Different categories to make fair decisions for outstanding quality and performance:

Best Picture (Micro-/ Low-/ Medium-/ High Funding)
Best Picture (Overall)
Best Short (Micro-/ Low-/ Medium-/ High Funding)
Best Short (Overall)
Best Feature Foreign Language
Best Short Foreign Language
Best Ultra Short
Best Documentary Feature (Micro-/ Low-/ Medium-/ High Funding)
Best Documentary Feature (Overall)
Best Documentary Short (Micro-/ Low-/ Medium-/ High Funding)
Best Documentary Short (Overall)
Best Animated Feature
Best Animated Short
Best Web Series
Best Drama
Best Comedy
Best Action
Best Sci-Fi
Best Fantasy
Best Horror
Best Western
Best Actor in a Leading Role
Best Actress in a Leading Role
Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design
Best Directing
Best Film Editing
Best Makeup and Hairstyling
Best Music Original Score
Best Music Original Song
Best Production Design
Best Sound Editing
Best Sound Mixing
Best Visual Effects
Best First Time Filmmaker
Best Young Director
Best Young Cinematographer
Best Young Actor in a Leading Role
Best Young Actress in a Leading Role
Best Young Actor in a Supporting Role
Best Young Actress in a Supporting role
Best Film Poster
Best Film Shot on a Mobile Phone
Special Honor (For films before 2017 which do not qualify for the other categories.)

Terms and Conditions for Crowdfunding Fest:

1: In order to be selected for Crowdfunding Fest, your film has to be crowdfunded or part-crowdfunded.
You have to provide proof that your film was crowdfunded or part-crowdfunded.

2: You may submit more than one film, but please submit a separate entry for each film you submit.
2.1: There are different categories, please make sure that your film is submitted to the right categories.

3: After a film has been an official selection, the submitter will be notified also if the film is nominated in the categories it was submitted.

4: All foreign submissions must be subtitled in English.

5: For all categories, films must have been produced in or after 2017.
5.1: If you have an outstanding good film that was produced before 2017 you will only have an opportunity in the category 'Special Honor'.

6: In submitting your film or video to Crowdfunding Fest, you acknowledge that you have all the relevant permissions, licenses, and releases for your film or video to be screened in a public exhibition. You must have in your possession the permissions, licenses, and releases for the submitted film, as well as its music, script, actors, etc. If requested you'll have to provide these.

7: Also, by submitting your film, Crowdfunding Fest is granted the right to utilize an excerpt and still frames from your film for promotional purposes.

8: The submitter for the 'Live Screen Pitch' has to have the full rights to the screenplay.
8.1: In order to claim the 'Crowd Cash Prize', you have to create a crowdfunding campaign with the screenplay you pitched and won at our live-pitch-event.

9: The decision of the juries and the festival will be final.

10: All students must provide proof of student status within a week of submitting their film. If we do not receive these, their films will be disqualified.

11: The entry fee is not refundable.

12: When you submit to our festival you'll automatically be included in our newsletters and discount codes for future submissions.

13: Crowdfunding Fest does not accept:
Extremist or propaganda content from religious or political organizations.

By agreeing to these terms, you warrant that you have read, understood, and agreed to the regulations of Crowdfunding Fest and that the information that you have supplied is correct.