NOTE: This festival is still taking place each week. All festival dates have been relegated to private screenings with the same Audience FEEDBACK videos made for the short & feature films, and recorded script readings performed by professional actors for the screenplays. This is our way of showing community over distance so everyone around the world can experience our Audience Feedback videos.

I got my appraisal and it was possibly the best I have ever received, not because it was good or complimentary, but because they had obviously read it, and I mean completely and they properly criticized it! So their comments were not only ‘left of field’, but they were an accurate observation and they actually improved the script, not matter how hard they were to swallow. It was so worthwhile it was worth the price of entry just to get that feedback.
- Richard Harrison, Feature Screenplay “A Shooting Star:

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This festival was created by the FEEDBACK Film and Screenplay Festival to push more action/adventure filmmakers and writers to the industry and the world. Obviously these are genres that garner the most worldwide attention in the motion picture industry and it's this festivals job to promote the next generation of action/adventure storytellers.

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I found the page specific notes to be incredibly helpful. They showed that the reader took time to read and analyze the entire script. And considering the amount of pieces that are submitted, that says a lot.
- Franklin Friedlander, Feature Screenplay “Killer Be Killed”

This is the most intensive and helpful script notes I have received from any contest or paid reader. I would have paid for these notes without having entered the contest. If I had this reader years before, I wouldn’t be so disheartened and soured as I am now on screenwriting. If I ever regain my enthusiasm for screenwriting and film, I will surely follow the constructive notes on a rewrite.
- Todd Bronson, Feature Screenplay “Poaching the Big Muddy”

Thank you very much for your well-considered feedback. I’ve read through your feedback a couple of times and thought I’d let you know it’s very actionable feedback and something I feel I can use to make me a better writer altogether.
- George Reese, Feature Screenplay “Reconquista”

It was nice to hear that the audio design was appreciated, particularly that knee stomp (Hi Stewart!). We spent a lot of time making it ‘wetter’, so it’s nice to hear it specifically mentioned. It was also nice to hear the production design was appreciated. The mention of that shot where everything is swept off the table got me particularly, as watching playback for that on set was the first moment I felt we really had something cool in the making.
- Harrison Norris, Short Film Director “A Peaceful Man”

I love their (Adventure/Action Festival) concept of multiple ways to get your story out: from logline, to 1st scene, to full screenplay. The fast turnaround for feedback is critical for me as I’m sure it is with many new writers — as many new drafts have been made by the time most contests provide feedback and results.
- David Kurtz, Feature Screenplay “Weecho”

I was quite nervious at the beginning (watching the audience feedback of my film), but people seemed to react very positively so it really was a great experience.
- Pepe Gomez, Short Film Director “Knocked Out”

For unproduced writers, the real frustration after keystroking “The End” is trying to get noticed. There are so few outlets available for presenting your material. The FEEDBACK Festival appeals to me because my work now migrates from an unread concept into a produced staging, easily accessible by industry pros.
- David Redstone, Feature Screenplay “Fleet Week”

I was very happy that people really seemed to get my film. Action short films are sometimes a hard sell. There’s nothing so visceral, powerful and ugly as two people punching the s%&t out of each other with their fists. But weirdly enough, I think words have as much– maybe even more, destructive power! I wanted to make a film about human beings and the complexity of relationships. And how we can get so turned around because of our relationships. The audience GOT and LOVED the film and that made me so happy.
- Alice L. Lee, Short Film Director “The Good Boy”

I’ve been submitting “Wayfarers” to a bunch of places. The notion that some of it could be performed seemed interesting – it’s a twist on the usual screenplay contest, and in some ways, it’s more valuable to me as a writer-director.
- Arnon Z. Shorr, Feature Screenplay “Wayfayers”

1. Submit your short film. Submit your screenplay. Only films in the Action/Adventure/Crime/Mystery category accepted.

2. 100% rights to the artist. Our job is to serve filmmaker and screenwriter and help them garner more interest in their work.

Accept only films and screenplays that fit into the Action/Adventure Genre.

Overall Rating
  • Networking an unproduced screenplay and getting it seen are the toughest elements of this business. The team at Crime/Mystery Film & Screenplay Festival are fully involved in your project from the get-go. With my biopic The Split, they provided a genuine appraisal of my work, demonstrating their knowledge in the field of entertainment. They've also encouraged me to get involved with their true crime podcast, which I'd be happy to do. I can't recommend these guys highly enough. They actually follow through with their promise and support up-and-coming writers. Thank you.

    September 2021
  • Jenna Cornell

    Overall, awesome experience with this festival. Communication was top notch and having a recording reading of Hunk of Burning Love just added to the experience. Finally, being interviewed just wrapped everything up nicely. I highly recommend this festival.

    August 2021
  • The Action/Crime/Mystery Film and Screenplay competition provided me with excellent feedback as well as a table reading of one of my scenes and an interview! The whole experience was hugely valuable.

    March 2021
  • Andrea Cavuoto

    An amazing festival, we are grateful for receiving the Best Crime Movie Award. The Audience feedback, the podcast, the interview, everything was really well-curated and very helpful to promote the movie. Thanks to all the team at Crime/Mistery Film Festival.

    March 2021
  • Fantastic festival! I haven’t experience this level of commitment to communication with any other film festival of this caliber. Being able to hear from a real audience is extremely valuable any filmmakers and is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    December 2020