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When Sandra learns of her finances infidelity, her three bridesmaids kidnap her to Trinidad Carnival, where she learns the real root of her demons.

  • Roxann Fraser Remekie
    Fired (short film), Green Grass All Around (short film), "From the Womb" A Collection of Poems, Art. Love. Life: The Cypha (one-woman theater show)
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Writer Biography - Roxann Fraser Remekie

At the essence of it all, I am a storyteller. I create and embody characters that put a mirror to life’s realities, raising awareness of human behavior; through my acting, writing and singing. A native New Yorker raised and influenced by my Jamaican roots, I first found my love of art through singing when I was 6. Bob, Whitney, Mariah, Lionel and Anita were my team! I was a regular in my HS drama club and performed every free moment I could find. However, through the plight of adulthood, I decided to change my course and study business at Syracuse University. There I earned a B.S. in Business (Marketing; Music Industry). Probably a year or two after graduation, my soul yearned for more. Thinking of what used to create happiness in my life, I decided to return to my love of the arts.

While working for some of the busiest, most demanding companies in the world, I trained and studied acting at HB Studios and William Esper Studios under Terry Knickerbocker. Thereafter I completed the Labyrinth Theater master class and graduated from Shane Ann Younts‚ two-year voice, speech and Shakespeare intensive training. I continue to strengthen my craft at Scott Freeman Studios and with Gail Bell (M.E.L.T). Film/TV: Hidden Heroes (CBS), The One that Got Away Promo (FYI), Stalked: Someone's Watching (Discovery ID), Green Grass All Around, (37th Street Productions), The Moment (One Race Films), Sides‚ and Date Night. Theater: Julius Caesar (Royal Shakespeare Company). Fabulation, or the Re-education of Undine (Brave New World Repertory) and Art. Love. Life: The Cypha (37th Street Productions).

In 2014, whilst writing several bodies of work, I founded 37th Street Productions. Its mission is to create relevant and engaging content for film, television and theater that authentically reflects the lives of Caribbean-Americans. ( I'm in the final stages of editing my screenplay. Writing credits include "Art. Love. Life: The Cypha" (one-woman theater play), "Green Grass All Around" (short film), "Fired" (short film).

To stay physically fit, I've now added kickboxing and pilates to my regular yoga/running/dancing routine (gotta switch it up)! I love to cook, dine and spend quality time with close friends and family. A lover of outdoors and the raw Earth, I volunteer at the Elizabeth Street Garden, Soho NY in the warmer months. Lastly but ever important, I am a DIE HARD reggae/soca fan and Trinidad Carnival lover. For more cool tidbits on me, feel free to browse my social media handles.

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My purpose is to create characters that put a mirror to life realities, raising awareness of human behavior. My body of work includes a short film vignette, a theater play, a collection of poems and the screenplay in consideration for the NYFA 2016 fellowship, Cracked.

In 30 days under the residency of the Blue Mountain Artistic Institute, I lived without any interruptions among the naturals elements of Jamaica, West Indies to write this screenplay. A land very dear to me, it is where my parents were born and my African ancestors settled. The combination of this environment along with one of my loves, Trinidad Carnival, strongly impacts the characters, scenes and conflicts in this piece. It is needless to say the depiction of Caribbean life is captivated in great detail in Cracked.