CR8:BLK is hosting its 2nd annual short film competition for the CR8:BLK Presents: Black Women Cinema Week (BWCW2020)! This year we are having a special online festival presentation for BWCW2020 and we are doing something else different. In lieu of the global pandemic of COVID-19, CR8:BLK is not able to have our event week take place at Eaton DC theater space this year. But, this is a time when creativity can make a huge impact as artists are now giving the world hope, inspiration, entertainment, and a outlet from the current world outlook. This year CR8:BLK Presents the BWCW 2020 call for submissions is a casting call for the film DEFINITION! We want to hear the voices of Black women artists from around the world and have them share how they define what it means to be Black woman artist and how they want to define the work they create. The casting call is for a one minute film answering one of these prompts:

--"Who are you and how has your work as an artist shaped your perspective"?

--"How has your work as an artist broken barriers or opened doors for other Black women artists"?

--"What obstacles have you overcome to bring your art to the world"?

These collection of short films will be apart of a larger film called "Definition" and will air on CR8:BLK's website during BWCW2020 October 19-23, 2020. All films must be submitted on the BWCW2020 FilmFreeway page and we urge artists to be as creative as possible with their films. CR8:BLK wants the world to hear the voices of Black women artists from around the globe and share their work!

CR8:BLK (Create Black) is a non-profit organization aimed towards celebrating contemporary Black and African Art created by women of color. Contemporary Art is defined to include current works of sculpture, painting, film, media, and other creative platforms. CR8:BLK will use publications, digital media, and outreach programs to further foster creativity in Black communities globally.

Awards TBA, all films selected will be apart of the film DEFINITION and will screen for a special online screening. Selected filmmakers will receive award packages.

CR8:BLK Short Film Submission is open from September 1, 2020-October 1, 2020. Films must be one minute long and must be produced, written, directed, or have cinematography done by an independent Black woman filmmaker or artist for BWCW2020 from anywhere in the world. Both U.S. based filmmakers and International filmmakers may submit. Film submissions have a $5 fee and filmmakers are allowed to submit only ONE film for consideration.

*Note all accepted films submitted will only be used for the purpose of the CR8:BLK Black Women Cinema Week (BWCW2020) and the film DEFINITION.