International Cosmocinema Festival Awards.
Film & Screenwriting Contest. Online Festival / Awards Event.

The Festival started on 2018, developed and administrated by Cosmocinema, based in London, UK, and the very successful international London Greek Film Festival (started on 2008).

Accept entries from across the world with no specific subject.

From summer 2020, the festival moved in a hybrid version, online and special screenings, and runs every 3 moths, in 4 editions / year.

FILMS: Feature Fiction, Short Fiction, Documentaries, Experimental, Video Art, Animation, Music Videos.

SCREENPLAYS: Fiction Feature, Short Fiction

Mission Statement:
We are looking for the Best Films - either independent or produced inside the major film studio system, and Best Screenplays - either from professional screenwriters or amateurs, from across the world!

The festival presents the COSMOCINEMA AWARDS for each one of the competition categories (i.e. Best Feature Fiction Film, Best Documentary, Best Creative Documentary
Best Short Fiction Film, Best Feature Fiction Script and many more). * More Special Awards for each category also, may be available (i.e. Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Performer, Best Photography, Best Music and many more).
* Cosmocinema Awards are not accompanied by cash prize or funding.
* Digital Certificate of the Awards (pdf format) will be emailed to winners.

- We don't accept works in progress, demos or uncompleted works.
- You must be over 18 years old, in order to submit your work.
-Submissions must be submitted online by the deadline in order to be considered.
-Unless the original language of the submitted work is English, the films, texts and scripts must be subtitled in English. Non-subtitled in English films or non-English language scripts & texts, will not be considered.
-More than one film, photo or script may be submitted, but each one must be submitted separately.
-All the submitted material, must be available for download in digital formats as well, as follow: your film in MP4 format, images in jpg format (300ppi), texts in word .doc format, or pdf format (for screenplays).
-The entry (submission) fee is non-refundable and required at the time of submission. .
By submitting your work, you accept that, all rights related to this work have been secured and belongs to you, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, credits and licensing for all material you are using in your entered work. You also understand that, the festival and its sponsors cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to entry materials. You understand and accept that, the events and activities during the International Cosmocinema Festival Awards events and activities may be recorded, filmed and distribute by the organizer in any medium, in any part of the world, internet included.
The festival management reserves the right to decide all questions not specifically provided for in the regulations.
Only films awarded by our festival, and in some cases selected by our festival as finalist films, may be presented in in-house special screenings.
You understand and agree, that we will not offer you or pay screening fees.
Cosmocinema Awards are not accompanied by cash prize or funding.
You understand and agree, that we will not offer you or pay screening fees.
We don’t accept any other material after the submission.
Full contact details, including email address and telephone number, required by all applicants.
1. Screenplay Categories: Fiction Feature (70-150 pages) and Short Fiction (1-20 pages)
3. We don't accept works in progress, just ideas, unregistered or uncompleted scripts.
Scripts must be submitted in English language.
Scripts must be submitted in digital format as following: your script, synopsis and treatment in word .doc and/or .pdf formats, all other texts in word .doc files, all images in jpg format (300ppi). We DON’T ACCEPT HARD COPIES of your script.
The entry (submission) fee is non-refundable and required at the time of submission. We accept payments online only.
We don't accept only ideas or brief description of screenplays.
We DON’T ACCEPT hard copies of the scripts.