Welcome to the ProToPost - Communism International Film Festival!
Former working-class environments, fighting against gentrification and other capitalistic amenities.

Paraphrasing Karl Marx nowadays one can rightly wonder: is any Communist haunting specter still out there? Whether it is a specter – actually more like an altright KKK affiliate – or a more fashionable zombie we believe yes and moreover, we affirm it is walking not alone along a still existing Shining Path yet among the squalor left behind as sole trademark legacy by neoliberalism and technocrats. Even if commodified by plastic eyelashes or mediated by screens made by exploited coltan and quartz, the gaze flies and finds a range of comrades with compelling new old outlooks not bend by evil forces or by self-pity but more combative because now it is clearer than ever that we need to reorganize quickly in the society 4.0.
And it is that communist gaze or the gaze focusing communism we want to experience in its contemporary variety and diversity by claiming its existence at any rate in the daily thoughts and in the vast array of real existing brand-new, cutting-edge vs oldfashioned and nostalgic, solid or even volatile experiments. Let's gaze out in search of the legacy after a tragic ostensible sunset it will be manifest also to nonbelievers and detractors that the Manifest is very much alive and present. A lighthouse in the obfuscating haze caused by the polluted air emanated by obscuring powers and oppressive elites and repressive political power.
Show to the world your contribution to the analysis and comprehension of the communist phenomena at the ProToPost CIFF, celebrating the communist outlook around the anniversary of the October Revolution!

Official selected films can participate in the contest among the following categories:

ProToPost Award: Best Picture
ProToPostAward: Best Feature Film
ProToPost Award: Best Short Film
ProToPost Award: Best Feature Documentary
ProToPost Award: Best Short Documentary
ProToPost Award: Best Experimental Film
ProToPost Award: Best Animation Film
ProToPost Award: Best Music Video
ProToPost Award: Best Director
ProToPost Award: Best Editing
ProToPost Award: Best Cinematography
ProToPost Award: Best Soundtrack
ProToPost Award: Best Protagonist
ProToPost Award: Best Topic
ProToPost Award: Best Research

1) By submitting your film to the festival you confirm that you own the full rights of your film and have the permission to submit it.

2) Submissions are only accepted via FilmFreeway. Entry fees are not refundable. Please do not send any DVDs. Online Screener is necessary.

3) Films that show extreme violence, hurt current or foreign laws, containing pornographic or disgusting content are not accepted.

4) We accept films in any language from all countries over the world. Non-English spoken films must be subtitled in English, except Italian spoken ones, that do not need any necessarily.

5) After submitting your film you will receive notifications about the judging status.

6) The decision of the jury is final.

7) If you do not want us to promote your film on our website and other channels in order to keep your premiere status please let us know.

8) By submitting your film you agree that we can use the submitted trailer, photos and description of your film on our website. We will never show or screen your film without your permission.

9) Award Winners can use our laurel for their marketing and promotion but are not allowed to sell or use the laurel for films that have not been part of the festival.

10) The jury has the right to nominate your submitted film for a different category as the one for it had been submitted.

11) By submitting your project you agree to this Rules & Terms and our Privacy Policy: www.communismfilmfestival.org/privacy.html

Overall Rating
  • Bill Burns

    Thank you friends and comrades at ProToPost for a marvellous opportunity. I hope it was a great success for you all.

    March 2023
  • Chris Oledude

    From Christopher R. Owens, President, CESO Enterprises, Inc. crowens@cesony.com:

    On behalf of CESO ENTERPRISES, INC., Alyssa Dann, Chris Oledude, and all of our production participants, I would like to compliment the organizers and operators of ProtoPost- Communism International Film Festival. When we created our first music video (which was long enough to be a short film), we knew nothing about film festivals. With the help of FilmFreeway, we started researching. The categories were good. Everyone who contacted us on behalf of this festival was helpful. The submissions looked excellent.

    It was indeed exciting to discover this new world and to be so warmly welcomed by the inhabitants! To have GEORGE FLOYD: SAY THEIR NAMES selected for inclusion was an honor in and of itself.

    We were happy to “get the word out” and continue motivating people worldwide to consider the injustices embedded within our nation’s criminal justice system. After all, situations where a powerful segment of the population uses its law enforcement apparatus to abuse and oppress other segments of the population are recognizable in and common too many societies.
    We recommend submitting your work and we certainly intend to participate again in the future.

    Peace and stay safe!

    January 2022
  • Jelena Radenovic

    Despite the fact that it was online, the festival reached audience and I got new fans of my film! Thanks a lot!!!

    November 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much! We are happy that you made new fans and enjoyed the event. The festival is originally a Live Screening event and has been moved online due to the Covid-19 pandemic as cinemas have been closed nationally. Nevertheless, we were very glad to manage the screenings in full scope online as we believe that culture should give hope, especially in social crisis. Hopefully we will see each other safe and healthy in real at the venue 2021 :-)

  • Jalaladdin Gasimov

    Everything was great, thank you very much for the organizing!

    May 2020