Cinemotor Motofilm Festival is the first motorcycle-themed film festival in Indonesia that came from the anxiety of a group of friends who have passion in the world of two wheels and cinematography. Departing from the same passion and desire to participate in motivating young filmmakers to develop and explore deeper in the world of cinematography through motorcycle as a common thread, we decided to hold this year's first two-wheeler film festival in Indonesia.

Why do we specifically choose motorbikes as the main theme of our film festival, in addition to our shared passion, we also see that both the two-wheeled scene and the local cinema scene, are growing rapidly and the motorbike has long been a part of the films, both simply become a complementary property or even become the main object. By combining our love of the world of two wheels and film, we want to invite creative individuals to work sincerely and based on passion. Because doing something that is based on passion is the beginning of the birth of honest and quality works.

With the implementation of the Cinemotor Film Festival, which is planned to be held regularly every year, we hope to contribute our small role in advancing the world of cinematography and two wheel scene.

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Submission of film material is open to all films in which there is an intrinsic element in a motorcycle or motorcycle. Film material with a motorcycle theme, both with and without motorcycle visuals, but still with a large themed theme, will be accepted for review.
Please fill in the data on the ‘Submit Now halaman page or CLICK HERE to register and submit the required data. Period for submission of film material from February 24 to June 7, 2020.
All submitted films will be reviewed by the festival founder together with the jury using a scoring system that will evaluate technique, execution, material, and originality.
Films with high scores will be included in the festival as "Official Selections" and will be watched together during the festival. Films with low scores will not be included in the festival.
Registration fees and film material must be received before the specified deadline. Submission of film material does not guarantee that the film will enter the festival. Registration fees apply to one category. If the same film is to be included in another category, the sender is required to pay a registration fee in a different category. The mechanism for submitting film material is: send material -> wait for the receipt confirmation email and payment method for registration fee -> registrant transfers the registration fee -> registrant sends proof of transfer via email -> waiting for confirmation of receipt of registration fee -> film will be reviewed.
We will announce the films selected as "Official Selections" in our communication media (Instagram and Facebook), also via email to senders on Sunday, June 14, 2020.
After being announced, "Official Selections" are required to submit their film material in .MOV format with a resolution of 1920 × 1080, only if the film format submitted during the first review is not in that format.
All films must be in English or use subtitles in English.
All payments and submission of film material must be received before the deadline, without exception.
All senders must be 18 years or older, or be represented by parents or guardians in the delivery of material. We welcome all participants, young and old.
Submission of material that is received late, incomplete, or damaged can be disqualified. Registration fees that have been paid via bank transfer are non-refundable.
The sender is responsible for having all relevant permits, royalties, release forms and clearing of all material in the film, including music, footage, and labor. Cinemotor Motofilm Festival and our partner venues are not responsible for any claims related to copyright, trademark, credits, or violations of royalties relating to films submitted and screened. If there is a dispute over these matters, the submitted film material will be disqualified from the festival.
Please check the e-mail and telephone number used at the time of registration periodically. We will contact the sender via email and telephone.
"Official Selections" are given the opportunity to carry and manage supporting tools for marketing and promotion when the film is screened with prior permission from the festival organizer.
Please read and understand the Film Material Submission Guide as well as the Terms & Conditions below before submitting film material.
By submitting film material to the Cinemotor Motofilm Festival, it means that the sender has understood and agreed to all the rules, Guide to Submitting Film Materials, Terms & Conditions, and disclaimer from the festival.

Cinemotor Motofilm Festival and our venue partners have the right to refuse to serve anyone.
The sender agrees that film footage, posters, photographs or other related material from submitted films may be used or published in our communication media, our online and print activation programs, and subsequently for any promotional purposes in accordance with the concept of the festival.
Submitted film material will be disqualified if it is not permitted by applicable law.
No film material or screening support will be returned to the sender without prior coordination with the organizer.
If selected, all commercial / personal property including trademark / copyright of all content contained in the film is the responsibility of the sender.
Shipping and pickup costs for all materials and supporting equipment are the responsibility of the sender.
Festival and venue partners are not responsible for any damage or loss of any property.
Movie showtimes may change according to field conditions without prior notice.
By submitting film material to the festival, the sender agrees to the following:
The sender has or is in control of all the content contained in the film, and holds the power to submit the film material to the Cinemotor Motofilm Festival, and with full awareness justifies all of the following statements; This film does not contain content that can be legally prosecuted, sued for royalties, sued for breach of contract, or other similar but unlimited claims; If this film is chosen to enter the festival, the sender authorizes the festival to play it with all conditions and devices used; The sender understands and agrees that if the film is selected, the festival will have the right to use film footage, photos, posters, synopsis, and other related material for use in festival promotion activities; Submitters are willing to cover the festival and venue partners from the burden of: a) damage or loss of film material in the form of digital copies, DVDs, BluRays, Hard Drives, DCPs, or video cassettes that are sent, both in the process of sending, screening, or after the festival done; and b) from all claims relating to the film that may arise during or after the festival. If there are claims related to the film that arise, the sender will bear the burden of all costs and labor that will be spent in the process of the claim. The sender also agreed to reimburse the costs of the police, lawyers, and courts incurred by the festival in handling claims related to the film.

The sender agrees that the festival has full rights to place the film in the appropriate film category in the available category. By registering or submitting film material, the sender acknowledges that the sender understands and agrees to comply with all regulations, the Guide to Submitting Film Materials, Terms & Conditions, and all other requirements that exist at the Cinemotor Motofilm Festival.