Dear directors, kind producers, we are sorry to inform you that the 2018 edition of the Festival will not be held.

We thank you for sending us your films and we invite you to keep in touch with us: we hope to be able to inform you of the dates of the next Festival!


Art. 1 - The Organizing Commitee of the Festival Internazionale del Cinema d’Arte organizes the 17th Festival Internazionale del Cinema d’Arte, with the aim of contributing to greater disclosure and affirmation of the values of Culture and Arts (painting, sculpture, literature, theater, dance, film, music, architecture, photography, comics, etc.) through the language of film.
The Festival is open both to foreign and Italian producers, as well as cinema companies, associations and singles, and includes the following competitions:

Open to traditional works (biographies, documentaries, fiction, etc.) that talk about artists, artworks and movements, and reflect on the players, on the history and ideas of art.

Open to works dedicated to arts, that show a specific attention to new expressive tools and the presence of ideas that can represent a vision of the present and future of cinema.

Open to works in which the design, the graphic line, the sculpture, the materials come to life through a variety of techniques, becoming long and short animated films about arts.

The film for the competition must have been produced after 1/1/ 2015.

Art. 2 – Producers and directors may participate in the competition with one or more films.

Art. 3 – The Festival will take place in November 2018 The Festival Organizing Committee decides the projections program.

Art. 4 – The Organizing Committee designates the artistic direction, only responsible for the admission in the competition and the Jury, only responsible for awarding or not the prizes to the films.

Art. 5 – If suggested by the Jury, the Organizing Committee has the right to evaluate the correspondence between selected films and the category they have been selected for.

Art. 6 – The films in competition will be judged by a Jury that may award the following prizes:

CINEMA D’ARTE – 1st prize
ART LAB - 1st prize
ANIMAZIONE - 1st prize
Jury’s special prizes (optional)

The awards will be given during the awarding ceremony.

Art. 7 - Videos sent to the Jury can not be withdrawn or replaced, except if the Organizing Committee thinks it is better not to keep them, in the interest of the Festival itself.

The application must be accompanied by pain of ineligibility in the competition:
-An unprotected copy of the film in digital format (MPEG4, H264).
-Technical and artistic sheet, filled and signed
-Synopsis of the film in Italian and English
-3 photos of the film 300 dpi, color and / or black and white with the rights for free to be included in promotional materials of the Festival and to be made available to the press.
Trailers are welcome.
Art. 8 – The works for selection should be sent in digital format (MPEG4, H264) together with the entry form to:
or loaded on the platforms FilmFreeway no later than 15/6/2018.
Will be omitted works without the data requested in the application form or contact information. All the works submitted to the selection are implicitly authorized for free for the screening during the festival.

Art. 8.1 –Subtitles in Italian are mandatory.

Art 9 – From 30/7/2018 the Organizing Secretary will communicate the result of the selection.

Art. 10 - Insurance transport and delivery costs of foreign films are in charge to candidates.

Art. 11 – The author and / or producer authorize the publication of their data on site, on social networks and communication materials and their spread to the media for promotional purposes (newspapers, websites, radio, tv).

Art. 12 – The filmmakers and/or productions allow the screening of the films, the diffusion (TV, on-line, cinema) of their films or pieces and the publication of the photos for promotional purposes of the Festival.

Art. 13 The Festival Management informs that the material will not be returned. The films submitted for the selection will become part of the Festival Cinematheque, which collects all entries in the various editions of the Festival Internazionale del Cinema d’Arte and has as its goal the preservation and circulation of its film heritage. The circulation of works of the Cinematheque for commercial purposes is forbidden, with absolute prohibition of video playback as well as partial or total sale to third parties for commercial purposes.

Art. 14 - In order to take part in the Competition, candidates must agree completely to this regulation.

Art. 15 - Possible cases and disputes, not covered by this regulation, are pertaining to the Festival Organizing Committee.

Art. 16 – The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make, if necessary, any amendment to this regulation without prior notice.

Overall Rating
  • This is the best festival that I found on Filmfreeway. Organizers promote art. Thank them for that.

    February 2019
  • Marie-Lou Béland

    Love this festival! Very nice.

    November 2017
    Logo festival
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much!

  • Domenico Cutrona

    Very nice festival! I like it and i will submit new film there

    October 2017
    Logo festival
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much! Your next films will be welcome!

  • Bellissimo Festival, ben organizzato e con ottima ospitalità. Grazie per la selezione!

    October 2017
    Logo festival
    Response from festival:

    Grazie Luca per averci proposto il tuo lavoro e per la tua partecipazione!

  • We were very pleased to be accepted to this festival - there was a very impressive selection of films and the festival also help us put together a subtitled version of Mary and Louise in Italian!!
    Thank you!!

    October 2016