We believe that if people have a talent, then they should have a friendly place where they can be seen all over the world without paying out of their pocket, and CINEBOOTH is that place!

Watch here:
➡️ Site Link --> www.cinebooth.tv/streaming-event
➡️ YouTube --> www.youtube.com/cinebooth


Cinebooth is currently organizing a bi-weekly online streaming show featuring independent short films of all kinds without restrictions in subject matter, genre, or country of origin. To appropriately support the films shown at every show, we’ve come up with a fun and intimate experience hosted by Cinebooth CEO Harry Woodford that both filmmakers and film lovers can enjoy while:

▪️ Posting on our live-chat.
▪️ Voting for their favourite film at the end of the show.
▪️ and look forward to many other surprises.

This is not a competition. While still carefully curated by our judges, we do aim to show as many films as possible throughout the year in order for everyone to get their turn in the spotlight!

Keep in mind, films over 20 minutes need to warrant that duration and will be judged more critically. And for those not selected we encourage you to keep submitting and producing other films as we can discuss different options that could interest you.

Our most defining features are always warmth, appreciation for filmmaking, and some humour, because we want even the casual viewers who watches us to become aware of the effort that goes into making a film out of nothing.


It's 100% free of charge as well as watching the show, as the main goal for us is to promote the work that’s done everyday out of passion by all indie filmmakers, but if you’d like to support us you can pay a conditional fee in exchange of other services we can provide.


If you’d like to know more about our activities, please feel free to visit our website at www.cinebooth.tv and social media, we are also available for questions anytime at team@cinebooth.co.uk

If you’ve read all of this, then you are already a step closer to becoming a “Cineboother”!

🌍 Web Links 🌎
To enjoy the show you have 2 options; you can watch it from our website to vote for your favourite film of the night as well as read more details about each film, or you can also watch it live from YouTube and benefit from the live chat. Choose your adventure!

Watch here:
➡️ Site Link --> www.cinebooth.tv/streaming-event
➡️ YouTube --> www.youtube.com/cinebooth

❤️❤️❤️❤️ SHARE THE LOVE ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Our events have always remained free but you can help us with a tiny little favour by FOLLOWING and SUBSCRIBING to us on social media in order to reach even more people to connect creatives and show many viewers around the world the fantastic hard-work put in your films.

👉instagram/cinebooth.tv 👉facebook.com/cinebooth.tv 👉youtube.com/cinebooth

Just by appearing on our online event, filmmakers can benefit from the following features:

🏆 Top voted film by the audience will receive a stunning digital certificate.

🏆 Filmmakers are able to make money by adding a PayPal donate button to their film during the event on our site and you get all 100% of the earnings.

🏆 Shout outs in our social media leading up to the event for more exposure towards your film.

🏆 Event coverage featuring mentions on the film lineup providing global exposure.

🏆 Films that collaborate with us will be considered for discount offers and collaborations with film festivals and established entertainment events such as:

➡️ London Rolling Film Festival: filmfreeway.com/LondonRollingFilmFestival
➡️ The Reel Talk - Radio Podcast: http://reeltalkpod.weebly.com/
➡️ And many more to come...


👉 Going further, if you also join our free film streaming library by embedding your video link on our site, our brand can help your views grow and make your work more accessible to people in search of talent for either collaborations or hired work.

⚠️ 1. Global Submissions

We accept submissions from all countries and locations with the only condition that non-English spoken films, must include subtitles.
Upon acceptance all submitted films could be used for both our screening or streaming events.

⚠️ 2. Film Revision

All films are welcome for submissions although each film will be revised carefully before being accepted. The runtime must fall below 20 minutes for scheduling purposes and any films above 15 mins will be feature less frequently.

⚠️ 3. Mature Content

If your film includes mature content, the submission form has to specify such so that it can be promoted properly. Explicit sexual content, nudity, violence, disturbing images, etc. will be reviewed and can still be accepted based on the work’s narrative or artistic merit.

⚠️ 4. Content Type

Other media such as promotional and music videos, showreels or monologues must be sent as a request to team@cinebooth.co.uk and then we shall take it into consideration for other purposes.

⚠️ 5. Social Media

All films that appear on our site will at some stage have some social media presence through posts on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, LinkedIn & Twitter unless you request otherwise.

⚠️ 6. Inappropriate Content

Child sexual exploitation, animal cruelty, and all unsimulated criminal acts will not be accepted as video content.

Overall Rating
  • geng wei

    It's a great film festival. I'm honored to be part of it!

    September 2020
  • arshia zeinali

    Thank you so much for great festival.
    So happy to participate.

    August 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you ever so much for your kind words returning to our profile to see this, brings so much joy and helps us keep pushing forward!!!

  • Very fun and very friendly, with great activities and interviews. Loved the platform, perfect for emerging filmmakers to share their work.

    August 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Alexander for your review. it was an absolute delight streaming the Attic and we look forward to some more of your work to appear!

  • Our film "Death Offers Life - last moments of Vincent Van Gogh" was selected for the festival which is a great encouragement for us.

    August 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very very much Madhu for your review! When watching your film it was a very unique story and we can't wait to stream your film on our event. We run our events twice a month and we shall let you know as soon as we can as to when your film will be shown next !