children of femicide

it was ok
until you refuse
and face someone
that promised to love you
the tears on the floor
And the marks he made YOU
And by hearing a No
Silenced their screams at once
I always warned you
that he would put an end
without the protection of the law
what will become of me?
children of femicide
children of femicide
children of femicide
children of femicide
Mom I told you but you wouldn't listen
the signs already showed the future of the family
Between vows after beatings, she was all beautiful,
her fragrant curls glance in the window
looking at your love, hardworking profile,
honest yes sir but also manipulative
That out of jealousy, he said he killed and died
It's mine or nobody's, nobody touches my offspring.
Fragrant flowers, caresses and laughter
satiate the need, conquered and silenced
punches and beaks, burns and tortures
wanted to earn respect with harsh words
But I was there, trying to calm you down
and encourage you to go report
Mom, he only does what you allow
report it, seek help, be strong and resist!
I always warned you
that he would put an end
without the protection of the law
what will become of me?
children of femicide
children of femicide
children of femicide
children of femicide
children of femicide
In the name of love that another prank played
fantasized change and again forgave him
It hurts when I remember that sunny afternoon
you in a lacy dress, lightly made up
Pedro and I on the sofa, you taking care of the home
smiled, looked into my eyes and tried to disguise
the fear, because the moment arrived, without at least
have time
was hit with a sharp blow from her husband
I get angry when I remember my screams of
and the neighbors at the window just watched the commotion
In a couple's fight, no one puts the spoon in
put your foot in, and what have you, but help this woman
That's when you fainted,
the pulse of the vein weakening
And I paralyzed with a troubled mind
my tears of supplication to your blood
you GONE, and the emptiness was doubled
a short time later, the father couldn't stand it and
And the silent society that your cry ignored
today knocks on my door consoling our pain.
I always warned you
that he would put an end
without the protection of the law
what will become of me?
children of femicide
children of femicide
children of femicide
children of femicide

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  • Realidade Cruel
  • Tuca Lélis
  • Tuca Lélis
  • Tuca Lélis
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  • Realidade Cruel
  • Realidade Cruel
    Name of Band or Artist
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Filhos do Feminicídio
  • Project Type:
    Song, Lyrics Only
  • Length:
    7 minutes 59 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    March 3, 2021
  • Country of Origin:
  • Language:
  • Student Project:
Artist Biography

Realidade Cruel is a rap group formed in 1992, after
reformulations, the new formation is composed by the members: Dj Bola8,
TM, Tuca Léllis and Markão ll.
Altogether the group has 29 years of experience in which it contributed to
construction of the history of national rap. Are recognized as one of the
groups that address the most diverse themes of social conflicts,
narrating the truth as it is. With an exclusive focus on social rescue,
through their songs, they work from affection to the rehabilitation of
in need. In the midst of this picture, through rap, the proposal is to go to
against everyday conflicts and show that it is possible to
restructure and overcome major challenges. The composed songs have
potential to guide our society, serve young people and keep them
away from drugs and away from crime!
The group has already released 7 CD's, a DVD and is currently producing the º
album titled: A História Continua, containing 16 previously unreleased tracks,
addressing topics of great relevance to social conflicts such as:
Femicide, Disregard for the elderly, Racism, among others.

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Artist Statement

Have you ever stopped to consider how many people are involved in a single femicide case?!
Filhos do Feminicídio is a carefully crafted song and clip based on testimonials (Interviews) from
women victims of domestic violence, which aims to trigger several triggers and extinguish, once a
all, the blaming of women in the face of alarming cases of domestic violence. The scenes composed in the clip
represent reports of each woman interviewed, this allowed us to approach the subject with greater fidelity to the facts,
situations that countless women live.
As a cry for help to society, part of the clip's cast is made up of women who have also
were victims of violence and wanted to take a stand in repudiation of society's silence in the face of cases
The message was so impactful that shortly after the release, several women got in touch with the group
through social networks, emotional, some crying, sent their thank you messages for
address a topic of such relevance.
The group Realidade Cruel believes that music has the potential to change the behavior of possible
aggressors, awaken society to welcome victims of domestic violence, encourage the victim to seek help and
also punctuate adjustments in the dealings of cases before public entities.
ABOUT THE MUSIC: The drama is narrated by the couple's daughter, one of the children of this apparently perfect family,
but who sees, among so many moments of family happiness and harmony of the couple, the possessive outbursts, the lack of control
of the "super father", a hardworking man, with a profile incapable of arousing any suspicion. indoors, the paper
of the daughter is to welcome and encourage the mother who loves her family, but suffers from the abuse of the father. And the hope of this
woman/mother, to get out of this cycle of violence, declines when external attempts to get help.
cause insecurity. Unfortunately, the day comes when, at the height of his loss of control, his father takes his mother's life and commits the
suicide, a fact that leaves the two children orphaned and psychologically destroyed. Sons of femicide!