Born in Padova, after obtaining a degree in Anthropology at University of Padova and a Master degree in computer animation in Rome, she moves to Milan. Here she works full time, for more than fifteen years, in visual effects industry for movies and advertisements becoming supervisor (receiving nomination to David di Donatello on 2010 for vfx supervision of Virzi movie: “La prima cosa bella” ).
On 2015 the short animated movie “La ballata dei senzatetto”, in wich she supervised visual effects of film, won the LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL.
On 2014, after working on the visual effects of more than twenty italian and international film and several commercials, she starts freelancing as a director for advertising and music videos,
focusing mainly on directing for postproduction. She works for most important italian artists winning a PIVI awards on 2013, and receiving several nominations during the years.
In advertising, she collaborate with most part of Milan’s productions companies.
In 2016 she moves to Montreal (Canada) to works at the postproduction of Rupert Sanders blockbuster's movie `Ghost in The Shell`, released on 2017.
In january 2018 she came back in Milan and found BLUE PILL FX, a postproduction company.