The Soria Short Film Fest or either called Certamen Internacional de Cortos de Soria, has the aim to promote short films as a way of audiovisual expression, contributing to its recognition, expansión, and putting it in value as an esential way of culture transmisión. Considering it in all moments as CINEMA with capital letters, and believing in this format as a fundamental and esential part of CINEMA
The 18th Edition will be held in Soria (Spain) between the 13th and 27th November, 2016.

The International Short Film Festival of Soria accepts short films with a maximum duration of 30 minutes that have completed their production from January 1, 2015 , from anywhere in the world and of any genre: fiction or animation or documentary . It takes place from 13 to 27 November in the city of Soria, Spain


The attendance Shorts in the competition section will compete to the following awards according to their nature:

Short film 2000€+Trophy
Script FCCR 1200€+Trophy
Short Animated Film 1000€+Trophy
Documentary 1000€+Trophy
Special Jury Prize 1000€€+Trophy
Artistic Contribution 500€+Trophy
Social Commitment
Ateneo Foundation “Jesús Pereda” CCOO 500€+Trophy
Environmental Commitment (UVA) 500€+Trophy
Best Actor 500€+Trophy
Best Actress 500€+Trophy


Short Film* 1000€+Trophy
*Audience Award
This award is given by the audience who attend the screenings. Computation will
be calculated by adding votes of audience and making the percent of attendance.

Fundación Científica Caja Rural (FCCR)

1st Award for Adults 1000€
2nd Award for Adults 500€
1st Award for Schoolchildren 1000€
2nd Award for Schoolchildren 500€
For Shorts that promote the Mediterranean Diet as a healthy lifestyle using images, script and contents. Not just a food pattern but in values related to environment, physical activity and sports, humanism, solidarity, tradition album, living together, conversation, generosity, civility as health source, prevention of diseases and injuries. All that let us spread a healthier lifestyle and habits in a physical, mental, social and environmental aspect. So producing a fairly and balanced society.
Soria is an Emblematic Community of the Mediterranean Diet as Intangible Cultural Heritage. UNESCO 2010.

This award is given by the members of the Selection Committee and has no funding.
Short Film* 1000€
*Award “One of ours”
This award will be given by the Short´s Representatives in Festival. Only represented Shorts will enter in Contest.

-This festival is open to Filmmakers from the entire world.
- Any filming system is permitted as well as genre: Fiction, Animation or Documentary.
-Running time will be no longer than 30 minutes; credits included.
-Shorts must be sent before July 31st, 2016.
-Shorts films production must have ended their production not before January 1st, 2015.
-It is ESSENTIAL Shorts which in their original language version are not in Spanish to be subtitled to that original language or where those are not possible in English subtitled version.
-Every Short must be subtitled to English language; including those which original version is Spanish.
-Selection of Shorts will be in charge of the Organizing Committee and announced in our Website on September 30th, 2016.
-Selected Shorts will be screened in any of their sections in contest or in the festival parallel section. This festival must communicate to all participants in which section is their Short to be screened.
-Participating Shorts must not have been screened at any exhibition, festival inside the province of Soria.
-For promoting Shorts and Festival, the Organizing Committee will use for no more than 1 minute movie clips from selected Shorts.
-Submitted Shorts can be sent to the Festival platform or in the other hand an E-mail which must attach a link with a related password, in order to facilitate the viewing of the short. In both cases Registration Form must be completed.
-All Short screenings will be in digital format regardless their filming system.
-The Organizing Committee will put in contact with all selected films in order to request the sending of projection file.

-The Official Jury will consist of Cinema, Culture and Communication Professionals and in charge of giving the awards. Their resolution is conclusive.

-Shorts will compete for different prizes awarded by different juries: Official Jury, Jury “Mediterranean Diet”, Young Jury, Elderly Jury, Jury “Behind the scenes”, Jury Ángel Mayor (composed of the Selection Committee), Jury “One of Ours”, Children Jury and Audience Jury. All awards will be known in the awards Ceremony.
-Concerning selected Shorts, the Organizing Committee will cover costs in accommodation (3 nights for domestic and 4 nights for foreign production), a breakfast and meal to only Director and 1 person from their work-team.
-Right owners may be awarded or mention in any category will transfer to the Festival their reproduction rights with the purpose of editing a DVD for promotional activities or promotional screening of contest, free and not for profit.
-It is hereby remained the creator´s permission or right owners to screen selected Shorts
during Festival Contest. No privity of contract neither with Ayuntamiento de Soria (City Council of Soria), the company La Boca Espacio de Cultura nor with any management company related to principal or authorship.

-Awarded shorts by any Jury may assign all rights in order to participate in the project Cine a los Cuatro Vientos; a project carry out in different places of the Country and in cooperation with other international and domestic Festivals.
-To be submitted to Festival involves express acceptance of this rules.