CATURDAYS is a monthly screening of cat-related and cat-friendly cinema, for cats and their owners (or the owned - as some of our feline counterparts may argue about us).

Relax and unwind to the soothing presence of cats.

All cats are made beautiful and equal and as such, there are no individual awards or prizes however the jury's favourite cat video/film will be screened again at a future CATURDAYS event in our 'Cat of the Month' Spotlight.

Also there is no strict creative brief, cat videos / films submitted should feature at least a cat (or better, multiple cats). Ideally the cat won't just be a plot device but will form a major or exclusive part of the storyline.

videos/films that are too tenuous in nature (i.e where a feline is seen fleetingly, such as passing by along a street or balcony in the distance, and are thereby not the main focus) will most likely result in not being included in the festival. sorry folkes.