Watch your film go to work changing the world.

(and win fun prizes, meet filmmakers and activists, and compete for the opportunity to receive grant funding for your next film)

The C.A.R.E. International Film Awards' mission is to provide a platform for emerging and established filmmakers alike to make bold artistic statements in a tenuous world. When politics fail, art must become the vehicle for the people to speak and be heard.

Our top prize winners will be given the opportunity to, all expenses paid, accompany relief teams into the Eastern Congo and create a documentary film about the slave conditions that exist there.

Other prize winners will be invited to speak at C.A.R.E. public events, publicise and distribute their film through C.A.R.E.'s distribution channels, and meet celebrities and political activists as we work to build a brighter future worldwide.

The team at the Las Vegas Galaxy Film Awards combined forces with the Central African Relief Effort to create an ambitious medium for artistic advocacy in the Film Festival Community.

Don't think all this means your film needs to be explicitly, blatantly political. We want artists with bold visions who are happy to use their work, whatever form it comes in, as a medium to promote a bold and bright future.

Check out a list of the Galaxy team's past favorites to get an idea of whether your film is a good fit for this Galaxy - C.A.R.E. collaboration:

Regardless of whether or not your film is accepted into the festival, on request you will receive an in-depth adjudication of your film, detailing areas your film may have excelled in, as well as areas your film could use improvement. CIFA is highly dedicated not only in celebrating success, but also helping to build it, which is why we will spend the necessary time for every entrant to receive personalized feedback on their submissions. We hope to inspire participants to improve their craft, to reach new heights of success, and to break down walls with the force of filmmaking.

If your film is accepted into the festival, it will be projected onto a large screen in front of a 300+ seat auditorium in New York City. All proceeds will go to the Central African Relief Effort, a 501(c)(3) combating the humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the festival’s primary sponsor.

Thank you, and I look forward to reviewing your work.

Stephen Cappel
Festival Executive Director
Central African Relief Effort Director of Media

Awards and Prizes:

-Best Cinematography

-Best Director

-Best Editing

-Most Compelling Story

-Best Feature Length Film

-Best Short Film

-Best Feature Length Documentary

-Best Short Documentary

-Best Local Film

-Best Animated Film

-Best Foreign Film

-Best First-Time Filmmaker

-Best Student Film

CIFA reserves the right to determine the eligibility of your film.

CIFA only accepts entries through, and will not consider or return any films submitted through physical storage devices.

Any additional information sent by email will not be used in the consideration process.
All non-English films are required to have English Subtitles.

Though CIFA will take the utmost care of your digital film form, we are not liable for damaged or corrupted data, please send us a copy, and not the master of your film.