2019-2020 Contest Topic:
The topic for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year is Racism.

Filmmakers will be asked to explore the topic of racism in any one of several ways: how they recognize racism and how they have witnessed it, the impact it has on their lives, families and wider community, and possible solutions for helping to curb the undercurrent of any racism that may exist in their school or community. As in year’s past, filmmakers may submit a short film (less than 5 min in length) or a public service announcement (less than 60 seconds in length).

More information and possible resources will be posted on www.cantbeatlovesa.org over the summer. In the meantime, have a wonderful summer break and we will see you in the fall!

About the Contest:
Each year, Family Violence Prevention Services and the National Council of Jewish Women team up to produce a film contest for San Antonio area high school students. Can’t Beat Love engages high school students to create films that highlight the problems affecting today’s teens such as teen dating violence, bullying, substance abuse, etc. Topics are assigned at the beginning of the summer and students have until late January to produce a short film, a documentary, or a foreign language film. All films must be under 5 minutes in length. Cash prizes are awarded at a red carpet ceremony.

This annual video contest for high school students features topics of social significance. Prizes are awarded to winners and there is a public showing of winning submissions at local movie house.

Can’t Beat Love tackles tough subjects like bullying, substance abuse, and addiction. The contest:

- Builds self-esteem
- Fosters creativity
- Confronts tough issues
- Creates a forum for discussion and solutions
- Provides great exposure for the student, school, and district

For more information or to volunteer, go to www.cantbeatlovesa.org.

For the short film category, winners will receive: 1st place, $750; 2nd place, $500, and 3rd place, $250.

For the public service announcement category, winners will receive: 1st place, $500; 2nd place, $250, and 3rd place, $125. Winners will receive the prize money at Awards Night.

Special recognition awards are also presented at the judges' discretion. These awards are also presented at Awards Night.

Which forms should accompany my entry?
You must include the forms listed below. These forms are now available online for submission:

Entry Submission Form: http://www.ncjwsa.org/submission-form
Video Contest Release Form: http://www.ncjwsa.org/release-form
Talent/Model/Music Composition/Performance Video Contest Release Form: http://www.ncjwsa.org/talent-release-form

What are the rules on showing drugs, alcohol, sex, and violence depicted in my film?
- Under no circumstances can actual drugs, alcohol, and illegal substances be used
- Under no circumstances can an actor be shown smoking any kind of substance
- Student can use props/placebos as drugs/alcohol
- No product names or brands can be shown in the film
- No simulation of sex or sexual violence can be shown

Can I use copyrighted materials for my music?
No. All music must be royalty free. Sources for such music include sites such as ttp://www.freestockmusic.com/ Search royalty free music and other such sites.

What if I don’t have a film department at my school?
There are special awards for those students who are not part of a dedicated film program in their schools. Simply indicate “No Film Department” on the submission form under Faculty/Mentor.

We are happy to connect students with mentors at other schools as well as Trinity University resources. Please contact Linda Canizales for more info.

Can I show firearms in my video?

Where can I get ideas for my film?
- Newspaper and magazine articles are always great sources for ideas. Books, TV shows and movies may also spark ideas to consider.
- Talk about ideas with friends and families
- Work through a storyboard to make sure your ideas are well-thought out and in line with theme requirements

Can I see some of the previous winners’ works?
Yes, go to the Past Winners page on the website and click to view all winning videos.