In association with the Bridgwater Arts Centre, the oldest arts centre in the UK, Bridgwater Magazine is organising the Bridgwater Community Film Festival to take place as soon as we are once again able to mix together in the UK, following the Covid-19 crisis.

This is a free to view film festival, as we feel that it is important to provide high quality entertainment, but not to expect people to have any money at the end of this time.

The festival will be taking place in two parts, with the family-friendly being shown separately from those aimed at 15+.

Bridgwater has always had a way of pushing against anything that we feel is taking away the freedoms of others, whether this be royalty (the Battle of Sedgemoor), slavery (we were the first to petition Parliament to put an end to it) or, as we are now facing, Covid-19. Together we are strong, and together we will become a stronger community, and this starts with entertainment to bring us together.

The Bridgwater Community Film Festival is taking place at the Bridgwater Arts Centre, and we will be showing short films of all genres.

Bridgwater Magazine already runs an annual horror film festival (Bridgslaughter), so we understand the needs of not only our attendees, but also the filmmakers who submit their films to us.

Please note, that due to the type of film festival, the deadlines are very short, but all submissions will be treated with the care and respect that we give all other film submissions.

The date we have given for the festival to take place is October 30th, as this is the date that we now expect to be able to once again hold events (cinemas will be opening shortly in the UK). However, this date is subject to change due to the nature of Covid-19. If the date does change, all films will be treated in the same way, and we will keep you informed if you have submitted a film.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We will have several awards available though these are digital only, with us providing the winners with an official seal which will include the category in which they have come first second or third.

All entries must be submitted via Private Link for review purposes and then if accepted, will need to submit either through a download, or a copy of your film on a flash drive.

1. By submitting the film, you confirm that you hold the rights, or permission to use, all aspects of the submitted film.

2. By submitting the film, you confirm that Bridgwater Magazine, those who work for Bridgwater Magazine and those individuals and companies who work with us shall not be held liable in way if there are any legal ramifications due to rule #1 above.

3. By submitting the film, you are giving Bridgwater Magazine a license to show the film, if selected, and to use publicity shots, names of cast & crew, scenes from the film and likenesses of those involved in the creation of the film for the use of pre & post publicity and promotional purposes.

4. Bridgwater Magazine holds absolutely no rights over your film, other than those stated in rule #3 above.