The Black X Film Festival is a three-day film festival started by a collective of Black artists and allies to showcase Black creators. Through providing this free event of music and film, we showcase the radical multifaceted expressions of the Black experience by centering Black resilience and a commitment to anti-racism. All films selected by the judges are guaranteed an online showing with the potential for an in-person screening as conditions allow.


We intentionally named the film festival, BLACK X, to play into the multiplicity of meanings of ‘X’; where X may be seen as an abbreviation of eXperience, a celebration of Black eXistence, and an homage to Malcolm X. ‘X’ is a crossroads offering the opportunity to choose to employ Black success as a revolution of social order, over the violent complacency that has shaped and characterized contemporary society.

Collectively, we have long observed the devastating effects of white supremacy permeating ALL spaces and are actively working to upend systemic racism within our communities. Through foregrounding EMERGING AND MID-CAREER ARTISTS, we will provide the artistic space for professional recognition and payment for the creative labor of Black artists. The generated financial support through fundraising, affords the FAIR COMPENSATION of Black artists, and the donation of funds to organizations that are working on the ground for Black lives.

-10 countries in attendance
-400+ attendees
-9.3/10 satisfaction rating from attendees
-Paid 20 independent Black creators
-Raised over $7,000 for organizations on the ground
-Over 80% of our featured creators were women or nonbinary

We look forward to seeing what you have made and your contributions to the Contemporary display of the Black eXperience.

Questions? Need a financial hardship waiver? Contact us at

Films will be evaluated based on artistic merit and a focus on the Black eXperience. We welcome emerging and mid-career artists. A special welcome to first time filmmakers and explicitly no-budget films. We welcome music video submissions, shorts, feature-length films, experimental art films, web series, pilot episodes, fiction and non-fiction.

Submitted films MUST have BOTH Black directors, and Black writers. For music video submissions, both the video director and musician must be Black.

No more than 2 submissions per person

This open call welcomes both domestic and international filmmakers (f* the notion of nation-state designations and citizenship).

In order to be considered, your film profile on FilmFreeway must include Directors’ bio, cast and crew list, photos, film synopsis

All non-English films must have subtitles to be viewed. ALL films must have English subtitles hard-coded into the digital file at least one month prior to the festival’s premiere date..

Upon acceptance, ALL filmmakers must submit final copies with English subtitles by August 20, no exceptions. Subtitles ARE NOT required for the initial submission of English films. If you need extra support with subtitles, check out the resources below:

Resources for transcription: (3 hours free)

Overall Rating
  • Eboni Zamani

    A great film festival. I enjoyed participating this year!

    November 2021
  • Darren Lorenzi

    When we heard about this festival from a friend we were excited to enter for a spot and thought our film would do well there. We ended up getting accepted and started following them on social media and letting our friends know in preparation. From that moment we realized this festival was not set up for success, we never got any other notifications from them through out the time (even as the festival was pushed back) and when the final program came out noticed our film was not on the list. After reaching out on social media we were told that while they enjoyed and loved our project we didnt respond to them in time for it to be included and that we should have seen an email with more details. We looked and there was no email sent to us at all. When I brought this up I was basically told "sorry" and that was it. Between the lack of communication and the constant social media posts asking people for money we realized this festival seemed to only be set up to make money for the hosts and not provide the platform it advertised. We wont be submitting to this festival in the future at all.

    October 2021
  • I actually didn’t get to screen because I found out later that my entire film needed to be closed captioned. I didn’t know that upfront. So while I was accepted, it was never comminuted that I had to caption the entire film.

    October 2021
  • Yolonda Johnson-Young

    Thank you to the Black X Film Festival for doing a great job with their 2020 event. Grateful that Finding Elijah was among the selection of films screened.

    October 2020
  • Onyinye Alheri

    diverse selection of work from the black diaspora; nicely done!

    October 2020