Established in 2011, the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) is now the largest international film festival in China. In 2014, the Documentary Sector was launched as an independent Sector of BJIFF and was organized by Beijing International Documentary Center (BIDC).

BJIFF Doc's mission: To explore cross-sector integration of the documentary industry from a starting point of the relationship between documentary films and cinema.

BJIFF Doc's vision: To develop proposals for, and market, Chinese and overseas documentary films; to host forums and meetings to facilitate effective communications between policy makers and the industry; to review and recommend high-quality works from various countries; to undertake leading-edge exploration of the development of the integration of documentary films and cinema; to provide documentary film organizations with a platform to show and market films.

The BJIFF Doc comprises five key segments: jury and commendation; screening; forums and meetings; markets and proposals; and salon activities.