berlinika is Berlins only international sport film festival held annually in Moabit and Wedding.
2017, berlinika will show very best feature and short films from Germany and around the World for the first time. The Festival includes Awards, Q & A sessions with filmmakers, presentations and more. One point is a workshop about financing films from the author of "DOK & CROWD" Paul Rieth.
The 1st annual berlinika - International Sports Film Awards will be held in Berlin February 2017.


Screening 2017 will be held in Berlin, Germany on February 3 - 5. It will be held in the rooms of Kulturfabrik Moabit. The official selection will be screened in this event. The awards will be given in the ceremony which will take place after the screenings in February 5.

Venue: Our screenings will take place in Filmrauschpalast in Berlin.

More details about screening will come soon on our website.

Lehrter Str. 35
10557 Berlin

berlinika celebrates excellence and achievement with presenting awards during the Festival. Local and international awards are presented in the following categories:
Best Short
Best Feature
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Newcomer

A. General Festival Rules
1) Purpose
Our mission is to showcase the best new sports films from Germany and around the world. We bring local/international filmmakers and industry together to share and celebrate sports filmmaking. berlinika facilitates conversations and shares knowledge among audiences.
2) Eligibility
Films must be completed from 1 January 2014 onwards. The submitting party (" the Submitter") must have the authority to submit the film to berlinika and the exclusive rights to screen the film in the German territory .
Films are accepted for selection in the following categories:

Short (up to 40 minutes)
Feature (41 minutes and over)

3)Screening Fees
The Submitter acknowledges:
- berlinika does not pay any screening fees

4) Submissions
Early Bird: 1 Mai 2016 - 31 Mai 2016 Feature: $30 | Short: $15
Regular: 1 Jun 2016 - 30 Sep 2016 Feature: $35 | Short: $20
Late: 1 Oct 2016 - 31 Oct 2016 Feature: $40 | Short: $25
All submission must include a secured working online screener link. All non-English films must have English subtitles. Incomplete entries will not be accepted.
5) berlinika Competition
berlinika is a competitive festival with various award categories. All selected films are in competition unless advised otherwise. berlinika will not entertain any requests for review nor consider any complaints.
Best Short, Best Feature, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Newcomer.
6) Exhibition Format
berlinika exhibits all films in Apple ProRes format and may elect to screen using other formats including DCP.
We also accept BluRay.
7) Shipping
Shipping instructions will be sent to the film supplier once the film has been selected. Customs declarations must be properly marked as follows: "For Festival Purposes Only. No Commercial Value." The euro value should not exceed €100. The shipper will be responsible for any duties payable as a result of an incorrect customs declaration.
Physical Shipping address (for couriers only)
Fehmarner Straße 5
13353 Berlin
Tel: +49 (0) 176 633 76 499
8) Film Withdrawal Policy
Once the film's selection has been confirmed in writing by berlinika:
- the film cannot be withdrawn;
- the film will not be made available on the internet and accessible to German audiences prior to or during berlinika;
- the film will not screen at any other festival, cinema or broadcaster in Germany prior to or during berlinika.
- advice must be given to all sales agents or distributors that the film has been selected. In the event the film has to be withdrawn, this must be done by a request in writing and with berlinika consent. Once the print programme has been finalised, the film can not be withdrawn.
9) Changes to Film Status
berlinika must be informed in writing of any changes:
- which may prevent the film from being selected or
- that may affect the legality of any such screenings or
- that affect the credibility of the film; and
- as to the person responsible for the film
Failure to do so may result in the film being withdrawn at berlinika’s discretion.
10) Film EPK
Upon selection, all required information about the film must be provided to berlinika.
11) Liability and Insurance and Rights Clearances
The Submitter is responsible for insuring the Exhibition Print:
- Doc Edge is only responsible for serious loss or damage caused to the Exhibition Print through the fault of berlinika . It is not responsible for any loss or damage through force majeure, natural elements, theft and loss caused while in transit or when the Exhibition Print is in the control of a third party.
- In the event of loss or serious damage, berlinika's obligation is limited to compensating the producer or distributor for the cost of making a new print from another master.
The Submitter confirms that all clearances and releases have been obtained for the film and will indemnify berlinika from any third party claims for the screening or publication of the film or any materials associated with it.
12) Consent
Upon selection, berlinika is authorized to use the publicity materials related to the film (i.e. press kits, posters, stills, etc.) for promotional purposes and to broadcast or screen clips up to a maximum of three minutes.

B. Agreement
I, the Submitter, have the sole and exclusive ownership of all rights related to the submitted production and/or have the full authority to submit the production to berlinika and bind all other third parties with an interest in the film (director, producer, sales agent or film distributor) to this Agreement. I also agree that:
1. I have read the Terms and Conditions above and accept the same.
2. berlinika's decision as to the selection of films into its programme and the competition finalists is final and binding.
3. Upon written confirmation of selection as detailed above, I will not withdraw the film from berlinika programme.
4. I will provide the agreed formats noted above to berlinika in a timely manner and this should not be any later than four weeks prior to the start of the festival programme
5. I will ensure the film will not be available on the internet and accessible to German audiences prior to or during berlinika.
6. I will not screen the film nor allow any other organization/individual to screen the Film in Germany in any format whatsover prior to or during berlinika.
7. berlinika is a not for profit charitable trust and does not pay any screening fees for the film.
8. I understand and accept that berlinika is a festival with screening venues. I authorize berlinika to programme and publicly exhibit the film at its various venues.
9. If I am or become aware of any matters which may prevent the film from being selected or screened, I will immediately inform berlinika in writing. I accept that failure to do so may result in the film being withdrawn at berlinika's discretion.
10. I acknowledge and accept that I am responsible for the one way transportation and shipping of exhibition prints/tapes to berlinika.
11. I agree that if the film is selected for screening at berlinika, it may utilize publicity materials related to the production (i.e. press kits, posters, stills, etc.) for promotional purposes and to broadcast or screen clips up to a maximum of three minutes.
12. For the purposes of this submission, the Parties agree that any notice will be deemed delivered to the other party at the date and time specified in a fax transmission confirmation, email receipt/delivery confirmation or confirmation of post.
13. I confirm that I have the authority to enter into this Agreement.
I have read the above and agree to comply accordingly. I undertake that the information provided in this Entry is complete and correct. By submitting the film, I understand and accept this Agreement.