The Berlin Feminist Film Week is a film festival with focus on feminist films and discourse, aiming to not only tackle the quantitative issue of representation and diversity but also the misrepresentation and qualitative issue of diversity in mainstream cinema. We welcome submissions from all women, queer, trans and LGBTQI* filmmakers out there from any country in the world. The films submitted do not have to deal with gender roles or feminist topics explicitly, but should be relevant for our festival.

As of now, the patriarchy controls storytelling and most films are made from a white cis-male perspective. Women, PoC and queer filmmakers are underrepresented in front as well as behind the camera and we think that everyone deserves to be represented and truly represented in the stories the world gets to see. Not only at big festivals but in cinemas, there is a true lack of diversity and though our festival is small, we hope that we can inspire others to change this.

We seek to increase visibility for all femtastic filmmakers out there and highlight films with interesting, complex female characters and films which challenge existing gender norms. Our focus is mainly on film made by non-cis-gendered men, as they already have enough ground in the film industry. In the majority of all movies currently shown in cinemas around the world, women are often founding in supporting roles, people of color as well LGBTQ*, queer and non-gender-conforming characters get even less screen time. Not to mention characters combining these. We want to put forward female and minority filmmakers, films featuring women *, films in which women are portrayed as active rather than passive, in which women play the leading role and movies in which women are as interesting and diverse as in real life.

Our ambition is to show a varied and diverse program with films from multiple genres from different parts of the world and explore feminism via cinematic experiences. We aim for this festival to be accessible and inclusive for everyone. Feminism take many shapes and forms, even a not explicitly feminist film plot can be changing the gender norms. But feminism can also be very subjective, what might be empowering for us might not be so for you. Therefore we try to incorporate discussions and dialogues around our films and welcome an interactive dialogue with our guests.

We welcome everyone who considers themselves a feminist filmmaker to submit film to the Berlin Feminist Film Week, however please respect our mission as state above as our aim is to provide space to female, non-binary, queer and trans filmmakers. The 5th edition of the Berlin Feminist Film Week will take place in March 2018. Keep an eye out for upcoming programs, find us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date.

Audience Award for best short film

Our terms and conditions apply:

- Films have to have relevance for feminism and the feminist discourse, but does not have to explicitly deal with the topic of feminism and/or gender roles. Any narrative, which moves beyond the cis-male (white) characters or mainstream cinema is relevant to our festival.
- Shorts are any films under 45 min, features anything above 45 min.
- We accept films from any genre and of any length.
- Year of completion does not matter, we accept films from any year.
- Please note our mission statement, we are dedicated to providing a space for filmmakers, who are usually underrepresented in the film industry (women, trans, non-binary, PoC, queer filmmakers) and films made by cis-male filmmakers will only be accepted as an exception.
- The submitter must be entitled to submit the film and the legal rights to screen it.
- Submission does not guarantee acceptance, the team of Berlin Feminist Film Week will select the films for the festival and the submitter will be notified if the film has been accepted.
- We have to be notified of any screening fees in the initial submission or else it will be assumed that the film can be screened free of charge.
- We do not return any material sent to us.
- The submission fee is non-refundable.
- By submitting a film the filmmakers, copyright owners and distribution rights owners agree to have the film screened if selected for the program. We might also re-screen films for future short film programs curated by the Berlin Feminist Film Week.
- We reserve the right to use 5 stills and images for our promotion material such as the website, our program or our press releases.
- The film has to be submitted digitally, for the screening we can also accept hard copies.
- For submission it will be enough to send a link to Vimeo or similar with a password and once the film has been accepted, we will let in which format we will need the screening copy. If the screening format is DCP only, this has to be communicated to us at time of submission.
- Shipping costs / digital transfer costs have to be paid by the filmmaker.
- Screening fees have to be marked in the initial submission and may affect acceptance to the festival.
- Please contact us if your country has sanctions on Paypal, we're happy to help out.

If you have any questions please contact us at Looking forward to your work!

Overall Rating
  • clotilde Rullaud

    Thanks for having my movie part of your festival.
    Friendly staff, super guy at the technic!!
    Unfortunately I couldn't attend the screening, also because of the last minute information given about the screening day.
    Though people I didn't know saw my short there and write me messages on FB, so I suppose you had a nice crowd for the screening which is cool !

    April 2019
  • A great festival with a very interesting program. Great communication, organization and very well attended festival in Berlin. Thanks for having me!

    March 2019
  • Emilia Wieding

    Karin and her team have organised a truly amazing and very important festival. I've attended two days in which great films have been selected. I wish it would have even more exposure!

    March 2019
  • Deborah Craig

    I wasn't able to be there in person unfortunately. (California is a bit far from Berlin!) But thumbs up for the helpful and friendly communication. Thanks for supporting women filmmakers!

    March 2019
  • Julia Fuhr Mann

    Very nice communication and a great Q&A after our screening.

    March 2019