The BTFF (Bech Test Film Fest) is a new short film festival based in Scotland with the sole focus on short films that pass and embrace the spirit of the Bechdel-Wallace test.
Our aim is to generate more diverse and thoughtful stories featuring women as well as promoting discussion around the roles women are given in films and the characters written for them. We are looking to nurture and encourage filmmaking on a local level here in Scotland while also being an international platform.

Best Film to pass the Bechdel-Wallace Test
Best Scottish Film
Best International Film
Best Script
Best Cinematography
Best Creative

Prize is a laurel. We do not offer monetary prizes :( we don't got money.

1 Your film MUST pass the Bechdel-Wallace Test
2 Your film must be under thirty minutes long including logos, titles, credits.
3 Your film MUST NOT be a documentary or experimental (sorry).
4 Submission MUST be through FilmFreeway - no drive, dropbox links or physical copies.
5 We accept student films.
6 We accept films from first time filmmakers.
7 LGBTQIA+ films welcome.
8 We accept and encourage films made on phones.
9 Any genre is welcome.
10 Animation is welcome.
11 Participants must be 18+.
12 We accept films not in the English language and signed films, however they must be subtitled in English.

Please also be aware that images and clips from your film may be used in promotional material by the festival of which you will receive credit.

***If your film is selected you will be asked for a screener.***

Please also be aware the date of the festival is subject to change.