Don't touch that dial! We are just getting started here at the "Bear & the Barrel" studio. Where else can you find a variety show with live music from guest bands and local films, all accompanied by a house orchestra? I'll tell you where - in your very own backyard, then down the street, take your second left and 100 more paces, and you're right where show business lives. Come join us, and get lost in the magical world that is prime television programming. It'll be a hoot!

Submit your films for a chance to have its score played live by our house orchestra!


For Bear & the Barrel's December show, we are looking for films about the holiday spirit.

Winners must be able to REMOVE the score from their soundtrack so that it may be played LIVE by our house band.


The Colder the Snow, the Closer to Home - December 18-21

Old Arizona Theater
2821 Nicollet Ave,
Minneapolis, MN 55408