Audio Shoot will take a hiatus in 2022 as we focus on Bangkok, Thailand 2023. That gives you time to create something special. Whether it's a music video, music short, music documentary or music feature film, we're especially excited to showcase your creations in the Land Of Smiles. As always you can shoot with anything from your smartphone to high end cameras. Over thirty submission categories and awards include best Rock, Pop, Rap, Alternative, Jazz, Classical, Blues videos etc. and include Best Director, Cinematographer, Design & More.

Once finalised, the venue details, date and entry submission dates will be posted here.

You can also check out our FilmFreeway page for more details. Stay tuned! Audio Shoot is what happens when you fuse the most talented filmmakers with the best music artists.

Featuring live acts and interviews we're setting a new standard in boutique festivals. Held at Wexford Arts Centre, Ireland, our mission is to discover and promote talented independent filmmakers and musicians from around the world.

Note: We've just added some very important categories this years and are now accepting submissions for: Best Actor and Best Actress, and lastly but far from least is the Best Music Image [Photo] catagory. These are in addition to the two categories we added last year, Best Mp3 in any genre and Best Cover Song in a Music Video.

With 30 trophies up for grabs, each category winner receives a bespoke award and certificate and laural.

While we do everything we can to present your work in the best possible light and without hitches or glitches, by submitting material to us or by performing live at the event you agree to and accept the following terms and conditions.

You retain full ownership and copyrights to your submission/s and simply grant the non-exclusive right to broadcast same or elements thereof at our festivals, onsite at and on our web app. and social channels on all devices.

NOTE: We will remove your video from all our platforms/channels/social pages etc. at any time on your request - This operation may take a day or two.
Elements/Sections of your video/film submission may be used separately or as part of a showreel for event promotional use.

Only submit content you have full rights to use. You can submit to any category any number of times but please note that no cover songs are accepted.
If your submission includes public domain images or footage please be certain of it's PD Status.

There is no limit to the number of submissions allowed per applicant. However you must submit each video separately.

No refunds are available once a submission has been made.
Your submission must have been created after January 1st 2016. No part or unfinished work will be selected. There will be a number of live performance slots available, selected performance artists may receive part expenses. Artists will be selected at the discretion of the judges. No correspondence re. submissions can be entered into unless initiated by Audio Shoot.

If the format of the video you submit directly to us or via a third party is incompatible with our web servers it may be excluded from broadcast on our website and / or live event programme broadcasts at any time. Your video or film may or may not be broadcast on Audio Shoot or it's social channels at the discretion of Audio Shoot management.

Any entry submited to the incorrect catagory will not be selected. Please insure that your film/music video has been entered into the correct catagory, there is no refund for incorrectly summitted films, and your film may not be selected.

Being selected means that your entry has been nominated for an award. It does not guarantee that the music video will be screened at the event in Wexford.

Audio Shoot cannot be held responsible if your submission does not play correctly, or at all, on our website, social channels or at the live event on any device. Nor can we accept any responsibility in the unlikely event of the wrong video being played or wrong information being attached or associated with your video / film - Either on screen or in print.

Any equipment or property belonging to you is not the responsibility of Audio Shoot. it's team, or the hosting venue & staff.

No renumeration is due to either performers or participants / submitters for their performance or works, unless clearly stated in writing on our website or via a written contract signed by both parties. Performing artists are responsible for the safety of their equipment and any in-house venue equipment they may use.

All judges on the Audio Shoot panel are professionals working in the areas of Film/Video production, Music Management & Promotion or Live Performance. In order to avoid canvassing and disputes, the panel for all awards at the festival shall remain anonymous.

Submissions via third party channels may be subject to terms beyond the control of Audio Shoot. While we are careful to only work with reputable third parties of good standing, please familiarise yourself with their terms before submitting. Audio Shoot cannot be held responsible for any grievance submitters may have with any third party.
While every effort is made to create a timely programme of events, Audio Shoot cannot be held responsible whereby any scheduled artist, speaker or performance is delayed, brought forward or cancelled. Tickets cannot be reimbursed in unforeseen circumstances or in the event of bus, taxi, traffic delays etc. Event ticket buyers are afforded 14 days from purchase date should they wish to apply for a refund. Ticket sales and submissions may also be subject to terms and conditions of third parties.

Audio Shoot reserves the right to hold the award ceremony behind closed doors in line with Ireland's Covid restrictions or any similar pandemic if they are in force at the time of the scheduled event.  In this case there will be no refunds, however winners will still receive their awards and laurels. 

Overall Rating
  • We were really happy to have our project accepted into the festival. Audio Shoot was one of the events we wanted to be selected by the most, so getting the news was a thrill. Had covid restrictions not made travel so unfeasible, we would have made every effort to attend.

    Unfortunately, the communication was non-existent. I wrote to the email provided more than once, and never received a response. There seemed to be no other viable avenue to get in touch with them. I was curious to know how well our film went over with those in attendance and whether they could provide us laurels to note our selection.

    Never received a reply regarding anything.

    Congratulations to all the winners and participants. The photos on the website look terrific, and we've been in festivals with some of their other selected projects. All of those were great. So it was likely a fun event and we knew our film was in good company.

    But communication is a major factor for us. If a festival can't manage that much, then it undermines our trust in them. So we won't be submitting again.

    January 2022
  • Thank you so much for the award.
    The plaque (certificate) arrived in Malta today!
    Hopefully we meet on the next one!

    December 2021
  • I really enjoyed my experience with Audio Shoot. I love that they have so many diverse categories to submit to and how accessible they are to new/up and coming filmmakers.

    December 2021
  • Bricen X

    Great communication, and excellent selection of projects. Honored to have been selected!

    December 2021
  • Betsy Stern

    This is a wonderful festival with excellent and prompt communication!

    December 2021