Asia Independent is a movement to nurture independent filmmaking talent for a better and broader worldwide filmmaking community. While the marketplace for multi-million dollar Hollywood-Bollywood blockbusters is certainly thriving, the reality is that the future of the industry is directly tied to the health and success of independent filmmaking. This is where the majority of Hollywood-Bollywood – from actors to directors – get their start. Unfortunately, though, many challenges exist. While independent filmmaking isn’t at risk of going extinct, it’s also not accurate to say the industry is 100 percent healthy.

Today’s independent filmmakers face a number of challenges. Some of them are unique and others have existed for decades like- Money and Financing, Video on Demand, Decline of Innovative Storytelling, Creative Control etc.

This year we are expected to be joined by 200+ independent filmmakers to debate, to argue, to discuss towards the future of independent filmmaking.

Asia Independent aim is to help you launch your professional filmmaking career. We will not only screen the films for the audience but also give you the chance to be represented by us at major film markets for your film sales.

Indie Orchid Award

- for best film of the fest.

Please fill out the online entry form and send a private viewing link through filmfreeway along with the appropriate entry fee. The screener(s) and other promotional materials will not be sent back. We will consider all films received by, April 26th, 2019 PST. After the selection process, not only the creators of the selected films will be contacted by us but also all the other submitters will get a personalized email by our festival director.

Asia Independent Film Festival annually take place in Bengaluru from 14th June to 16th June 2019.

1. Submission Deadlines
Submissions will be accepted from Filmfreeway

2. Submission Format
Films must be submitted ONLY via online screener.

3. Submission Eligibility
– There is no premiere policy for any film and music videos.
– Works-in-progress and films with distribution are accepted.

4. Premiere Status
– There is no Premiere policy for any films and music videos, they may have screened at other Festivals and/or online.

5. Submission Fee
All submissions for Asia Independent are to be paid through Filmfreeway. The submission fee is not refundable once selected.

6. Shipping
All shipping and postage costs for the submission package and, if the film is selected for the Festival, for all DVDs and additional materials sent to and returned from Asia Independent Film Festival must be borne by the submitting party. Asia Independent will not accept Cash On Delivery shipments. Asia Independent Film Festival will not absorb any fees incurred in India customs. All charges must be pre-paid. Asia Independent will not accept submissions if customs and delivery fees have not been paid by the submitting party.

Submission packages from outside the India must be labeled ‘Non Commercial Use Cultural Purpose’ on any customs label and, for customs purposes, must be given a value of no more than US$10.

7. Selection of Films
Submissions are reviewed and selected under the following criteria:
– Quality of narrative and production values
– Independent nature of the production

8. Notification
Asia Independent endeavours to complete all selection procedures by 30 April 2018 and inform all submitting parties, in writing, if their film has been successful or not after that time. Successful submissions will receive an online Filmmaker Festival Pack that will include important information on shipping the DCP to the Festival, press and publicity, guest accreditation, contact information and how to make the most of participating in the Festival.

9. Festival Screenings
Selected films MUST provide a Digital Cinema Package (DCP)/Blu-Ray in order to be screened at the Asia Independent Film Festival, as well as a back-up DVD. The film title MUST be clearly labeled on the DCP and Blu-ray.

DVD will be used as back-up only. Please clearly label whether your film is PAL or NTSC. Our facilities do NOT support tape, 35mm, Super 16mm, 8mm or double-head formats.

A selected DCP or Blu-Ray must be received at Asia Independent no later than 30 days prior to its scheduled screening date.

10. Scheduling
Screenings are scheduled during the Festival at the discretion of Asia Independent. Whilst every effort will be made to adhere to the published schedule, Asia Independent authority reserves the right to make changes at any time for any reason. Festival will not be liable for any costs claimed as a result of a change in scheduling.

No film may be withdrawn from the festival program after its selection.