Holding up a Rorschach Test to society.
Ashley James Louis is an award-winning screenwriter based in Los Angeles. His taut, thought-provoking screenplays have been praised by multiple industry professionals and organizations, including The Black List, The Austin Revolution Film Festival, The PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, ScreenCraft, The Inroads Fellowship, The Oregon Film Awards and Shore Scripts.
In 2017 he won the Grand Prize at the Hollywood Hills Awards for his dramatic thriller A LONG SHADOW AT NOON.
In addition, Louis has had three original screenplays make it onto Coverfly's "The Red List" and he has also been a contributing writer for The Black List Blog.
Praise for Screenplays by Ashley James Louis:
"Tight as a drum and entirely character driven, this thriller mines plenty of tension from its close-knit cast of characters, all of them brought to life through an attention to realistic detail. 8/10." - The Black List, Professional Review (for drama/thriller A LONG SHADOW AT NOON)
"With the right character actors and prestige director, this film could live on shelves next to early Coen Brothers masterpieces. 7/10."- The Black List, Professional Review (for drama/thriller A LONG SHADOW AT NOON)
"This script does a great job of balancing the morally and emotionally ambiguous material with and absorbing dramatic tale about a murder investigation. This is the type of movie that eschews mindless gunplay in favor of confident pacing and full-bodied characters. 7/10." - The Black List, Professional Review (for drama/thriller A LONG SHADOW AT NOON)
"The plot consistently escalates with great intensity, twisting and turning, keeping the audience guessing and raising the stakes all the way towards a very climactic and satisfying finish. This, along with the project's modest, possibly micro budget production requirements makes the premise stand out and gives it genuine commercial potential. 7/10." - The Black List, Professional Review (for psychological horror/thriller GUEST HOUSE)
"[This script] immediately had me on the edge of my seat waiting for what was to come... I was reminded of THE SHINING. 8/10" - Fresh Voices Screenplay Evaluation (for psychological horror/thriller GUEST HOUSE)
"It's clear that the writer has genuine talent and a distinct point of view, as both shine through on every page. Even the action lines are interesting and engaging while remaining succinct, which is a very thin line to walk. The writer has an amazing sense of tension, cutting back and forth between scenes with expert timing. 7/10." - The Black List, Professional Review (for dramatic crime thriller CLAY)
"The script is incredibly well-written, the plot is taut and engaging, and the premise feels at once timeless and very current. The diversity of the cast and the complexity of the characters means that this script will likely be able to attract a very high level set of actors, and it's easy to imagine the script inviting the interest of both major studios and indie producers. 7/10"- The Black List, Professional Review (about dramatic crime thriller CLAY)
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Los Angeles
"Some people demand a five-line capsule summary. Something you'd read in a magazine. They want you to say, 'This is the story of the duality of man and the duplicity of governments.' I hear people try to do it -- give the five-line summary -- but if a film has any substance or subtlety, whatever you say is never complete, it's usually wrong, and it's necessarily simplistic: truth is too multifaceted to be contained in a five-line summary. If the work is good, what you say about it is usually irrelevant."
- Stanley Kubrick
Holding up a Rorschach Test to society.