Private Project


Arche was created using footage taken from the author's private film background. The selected images were shot in VHS-C during the summer trips of the early 1990s. The research turned to those images in which the metamorphosis of space and feelings reflects a constant movement of the gaze, panoramic or rotational.

The travel memories have been edited using overlaps and slow-motions and composed with a structure of 6 chapters, which outlines the phases of an inner journey, a backward path of research of the original element and set of Purification. From the sea to its source, the principle: "arche".

The titles of the chapters are in Greek, they evokes the theme of the journey and engage the philosophical terms that trigger the inner process: epineio (docking), theáomai (gazing), kinesis (movement), kalon (beauty), pathos (passion), katharsis (purification).

Arche - the original element - is the water, the guide is the Light. The reflection became a pointer in the fourth chapter and flares up in the final enlightening the water, transforming the mountain stream in a river of light. The motion of the mother through the water became a dance: a purification rite that eternalize the act of sink the hands in the water and bring it to the water until she cover her eyes.

  • Samuele Albani
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    8 minutes 47 seconds
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    June 19, 2017
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    0 USD
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Director - Samuele Albani