Private Project

an ode to liberated women

Liberation is different for every woman and it is only up to her what she defines as liberation in her journey. Here we show a journey that starts from a past rooted in pain: a kind of pain that gives one depth, and moves towards healing: here there are breaths to be taken and a lesson to be recalled. Lesson that height is just as important as depth to create balance and height cannot be reached without tending to the wounds that the depth brought with it. Finally, the ladder to liberation: giving your emotions the worth they deserve, growing out of the societal expectations, choosing to not let yourself be defined by anyone or anything else other than yourself, and eventually rising above own self image as well to open your inner eyes to see how limitless you are. We chose a girl to reflect this journey of rising above because we believe it starts with her. She represents & educates the family, leads the community to health, and will eventually walk the world towards healing with her sensitivity as her strength and vulnerability as her armor.

  • Haroon Habib
  • Lahooti, The Sketches
  • Project Type:
    Experimental, Music Video, Short
  • Runtime:
    4 minutes 26 seconds
  • Country of Origin:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director - Haroon Habib