Bangkok's The 2nd Amazing Stoner Movie Fest 2022 is excited to screen the Best Stoner Movies from around the world! And Best Film can win the Golden Ganja and $1,000 USD!! Get Stoned and WIN $1,000! And your movie may WIN the Crystal Bong prize of $200! The world is opening up and Ganja is being accepted around the world for medical and recreational use. We look forward to holding Amazing Stoner Movie Fest November 10 - 13, 2022.

This is very exciting as the Thai Government become the first nation in Asia to legalize Marijuana!!

"Love is all we weed"... Filmmakers showed us their love by joining us for a successful kick-off to our annual Amazing Stoner Movie Festival! Our second "Bongfest" will be postponed until 2022! Now that Thailand has legalized ganja, we would like to hear your stories and spread the word to everyone who can now enjoy!

Siam is the land of the hallowed Thai Sticks. But there are no Cheech and Chong, no Harold and Kumar in Thai cinema. Let’s set right this travesty with the Amazing Stoner Movie Contest at Cinema Oasis. The Beautiful Cinema Oasis will be the venue for this exciting contest.

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This is our second Stoner Film Festival organized by Cinema Oasis Foundation! The world is changing and finally accepting ganja for medical and recreational use. It has always been an underground, secretive society. But now, you have the chance to tell us your story and enlighten everyone to the world of Ganja.

The contest is wide open to all types of film: fiction & non-fiction, full-length features & shorts, documentary & video art. You can be nonsensical, poetic, real, or make a serious film to argue for or against the wave of legalization sweeping across the world. Anything goes so long as it’s good cinema.

What is Foundation Cinema Oasis?

……….One could almost say this is the house that Shakespeare built. In 2012, the Thai government under PM Yingluck Shinawatra banned the Shakespearean horror movie ‘Shakespeare Must Die’, a Thai adaptation of ‘Macbeth’, as damaging to national pride and a threat to national security. The filmmakers recorded their struggle to free their film in a documentary ‘Censor Must Die, which received a historic ruling from the censors as being exempt from the censorship process since it was “made from events that really happened.” Even so, ‘Censor Must Die’ still couldn’t be released as the censors also threatened to sue any cinema that would show the film. To find a way out of this Catch 22, the filmmakers set up Foundation Cinema Oasis to build and run a city-center yet non-profit cinema and art space with the following aims:

To constructively, sincerely and seriously promote creative freedom of expression in cinema and other arts.

To promote, support and honor neglected and oppressed films, filmmakers, and other artists.

To bring back pleasure in art and joy in the communal cinematic experience; to foster cultural and spiritual immunity among the general public, young and old, to better withstand the dehumanizing impact of all-encompassing consumerism and globalization.

To support films and other works of art that inspire cultural tolerance, emotional sensitivity, and spiritual subtlety in Thai society and the world.

To inspire constructive conversations on the creative freedom of expression and related issues such as the role of cultural colonialism, deep history, and propaganda.
To co-operate with other art and cultural institutions in healing and strengthening the Thai art scene.


The Amazing Stoner Movie Festival at Cinema Oasis takes Ganja seriously. Not only do we want to support excellent stoner films to educate the public, but we offer CASH Prize to winning filmmaker! Which can be used for Ganja or production of your next film!

All films selected will receive Amazing Stoner Movie Festival laurel certificates.

All films (short and feature) are in competition for "THE GOLDEN GANJA"
+++ BEST FILM +++

The AMAZING STONER BEST FILM will receive USD $1,000 cash for

The contest is wide open to all types of film: fiction & non-fiction, full-length features & shorts, documentary & video art.


Each submitted film goes through an involved judging process, and is screened in its entirety. Films submitted to The Amazing Stoner Movie Festival are distinguished by their overall artistic and technical quality. The Amazing Stoner is open to all genres and looks forward to expanding visions, ideas and truths to the world.

To be eligible for The Amazing Stoner Movie Festival, films must comply with the following:

- The film cannot require dual projection (interlock) or separate soundtracks.
Non-English films must be subtitled in English.

- There must not be a screening fee attached to the film. The Amazing Stoner Movie Festival will not pay a screening fee to any film featured in the Festival; there are no exceptions.

Overall Rating
  • Nous sommes honorer d'avoir choisi parmi tant de projet notre Film FACE TO FACE. Merci au directeur ainsi qu'à toute son équipe !!!
    Bonheur et joie

    December 2022
  • The festival was a blast!
    Everybody was so nice and lovely. It was incredible to meet so many creative film makers in one spot.

    The weed was great! The films as well.

    So grateful for this experience!
    I want to come next year again! Just to see more stoner movies :-D

    November 2022
  • We sincerely thank you for being selected as my short film. We wish you luck...

    November 2022
  • Demetrio Casile

    un abbraccio dall'Italia per un bel festival

    November 2022
  • Thank you so much for including Universe Beyond Time in your festival! Such a great, fun loving group of people!

    November 2022