The Amandus Blikkfang Film Festival is the festival for film students and young filmmakers aged 20-26. The fourth edition will be held in September 2024.

The festival has a Nordic focus, and will accept films from both Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, as well as associated terretories.

The festival is organized by The Amandus Film Festival, which also organizes a festival for youth filmmakers in the spring. This festival is one of the longest living film events in Norway.

Awards will be given to best fiction, best documentary, best animation and other awards for various production roles. Norwegian films can be qualified for the Amanda shortlist for best shortfilm.

Films submitted to The Amandus Film Festival must either be a student film production (no age restrictions) or made by filmmakers under 26.

A student film is defined as a film production that is in general made with the purpose of education, and associated with an educational institution. Students should hold the key roles of the production. The film is directed, written, produced and conducted by students. Help from non-students is allowed, though they should be limited to guiding and non-creative contributors. Actors in the film or any music composer do not have to be students. A student is not limited by age restrictions.

For films made outside an educational institution, the submitted film should be made by a production team where an overwhelming majority of the key roles are inhabited by filmmakers under the age of 26. The age is based on when the film was produced. If there are any doubts of this, the Festival may reject the submission. Help from older people are allowed, but they should be limited to guiding and non-creative roles. Cast members or music composers do not need to follow the age restrictions.

The festial may reject the submission if there are reasonably doubts about these limitations.

The film must be considered as from the Nordic countries, meaning either Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland or any of the associated regions (such as Faroe Islands, Ă…land, Greenland etc). Students from the Nordics studying abroad can submit films, as long as they have had a major creative impact on the film (usually being the director).

The film should not be more than 30 minutes long.

In relation to copyright in all visual materials and music, all necessary permissions, authorities, licences, consents, releases and waivers from third parties who own the third party material and intellectual property therein must be obtained by the entrant. These permissions must be available for documentation if necessery. Obtaining these permissions, authorities, licences, consents, releases and waivers is not the responsibility of the festival, and the entrent is responsible for any missing documentation of these.

All necessary permissions, authorities and licenses must be obtained for the use of equipment (such as vehicles, machinery, firearms and chemicals) as props during film-making. The festival is not responsible for seeking or obtaining proof for such authorities for the purpose of judging, distributing, or presenting films entered into the Festival.

Films submitted to the Amandus Film Festival must be delivered with English subtitles, as long as the spoken language is not English or Norwegian (if the film is selected to be screened, films in Norwegian will also need English subtitles).