All Lights Online Web Awards is a nonprofit initiative dedicated to empower the next generation of digital storytellers. ALOWA - established under ‘All Lights Film Society’ is set forth its sail in the vast cinematic world with the esteemed support of Indywood Entertainment Consortium, Aries Plex, Indywood Distribution Network, Aries Vismayasmax and NRIPA.

ALOWA has opened a call for entries in below Competition categories :

- Micro Short Films
- Short Films
- Student Short Films
- Short Films Poster
- Advertisements
- Music Albums
- Corporate Videos

Filmmakers from around the world are invited to submit short fiction, student projects, corporate videos, etc. Our mission is to celebrate and discover the most amazing & emerging short movies/videos/creative posters from all around the world.

- Winners: 01

All winners will receive a,
- Digital Award Certificate (PDF/JPG file, ready for print)
- Digital Laurels

- Best Micro Films
- Best Short Films
- Best Student Short films
- Best Short Film Poster
- Best Advertisements
- Best Music Albums
- Best Corporate Videos

By submitting your project, take note that:
• WE ONLY ACCEPT ONLINE SCREENERS through FilmFreeway. We may request an additional direct link to your online screener but is at our sole discretion.
• THERE ARE NO PUBLIC SCREENINGS OR EVENTS. The festival is an online awards festival only
• You may have multiple entries and submit them to multiple categories.
• You agree to use parts of your product (including trailer/teaser/film poster) for promotional purposes.
• Each entry and submission category must have it's on submission fee.
• Works in progress are accepted.
• All films must be subtitled in English (unless English is the main language spoken)
• Silent films are accepted
• Entry fees are non-refundable
• All movie/video/albums must be not older than the year 2015 (Expect Student Short Film category)

FYI - Student Short Filmmakers
• All Short films submitted under a “Student” category will be listed as a (Student) on all materials including social media and press releases (Valid Student I.D. required)
• The student filmmaker must have been enrolled as a full-time student in a degree-granting program.
• 2017- 2020 movies accepted
• Please note that student filmmakers must provide a valid student ID at the time of submission.
• Student ID's can be uploaded to the FilmFreeway press kit or e-mailed directly to the festival’s screenings and submissions committee at
• This category does not contain any premiere status restrictions.