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(previously called The Bernstein Effect)
#aliver is a contemporary drama about the cocky Julian Bernstein, a young Manhattan favorite, successful CEO of a fashionable digital company, Highstream.
#aliver is about this man 's double struggle - to save his life (as he finds he suffers from inherited liver cancer) and keeping control of the company that he passionately runs.
Julian’s decease shows up unexpectedly and will kill him in weeks unless he finds a donor. Dead or alive.
Believing he can do whatever to find a liver and therefore save his life, Julian will try it all!
Julian does it all intensely because he doesn’t want just to survive… he wants to BE alive!
As each failed strategy makes him weaker and affects also his beloved Highstream, he starts accepting the importance of people...
Julian ends up accepting his fallible humanity with the help of the irreverent nurse that backs him as the illness progresses and of a terminal old man he shares the room with at the hospital.
In a last-minute twist, he does get a liver…

#aliver’s originality, fast-paced way with humor and tension makes it an attractive and entertaining drama.

  • Luis Beires Fernandes
    I'm Tellin Ya!
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  • Mindfield Film Festival
    Los Angeles
    June 1, 2017
    Bronze Award
  • LA Cinefest
    Los Angeles
    June 1, 2017
  • Hollywood Verge Film Festival
    September 1, 2017
    Official Selection
Writer Biography - Luis Beires Fernandes

Luis Beires Fernandes is a Portuguese storyteller.
After successfully publishing two books, Luis began writing scripts (shorts & feature), based in contemporary and original ideas.
Graduated from NYFA in Screenwriting, Luis has been working with professionals such as Steven Arvanites or Steven Bork in the development of his scripts.
I'm Tellin'Ya!, a short he co-wrote is currently in post production, in the US.
His shorts Loop and Steps are currently in pre-production in Brazil.
#aliver, previously called The Bernstein Effect, has been awarded the Bronze Award at the Mindfield Film Festival June Monthly Competition as well as selected for the Verge Film Festival and Semi-Finalist at the LA Cinefest.

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