Azure Lorica International Film Fest (formerly known as Eclipse International Film Fest) is a celebration of foreign films. Hosted at the city of Pasadena, screening nominated foreign films online and Q&A panels, in the following categories:

Best Cinematography
Best Animation
Best Director
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Script

Winners Prize:
1) Certificate and trophy pin mailed
2) Interviews published on our website and podcast
3) Photo book published and distributed internationally

Nominees Prize:
1) Certificate of nomination(s) available for download
2) Live/Livestreamed Q&A session recorded and available online
3) Invitation to Q&A session
4) Live Reading of Script, for Best Script Nominees

1) Pornography is prohibited
2) Films may be any length
3) We accept international entries. All films must be subtitled in English
4) Submissions must be sent online only
5) Films form USA are prohibited

Overall Rating
  • Bobby Kwong

    I don't really leave reviews very often so forgive me for my grading. Festival is pretty good! They added a screening, and the director was very communicative after selection. I'm unable to leave a score for networking since this was not able to attend.

    My only real issue I had was the initial dates. Since they were unable to change the times, the festival showed the festival date in February when it was really in May. They also were unable to announce the screenings until much later and by then, I was unable to attend the screening as a Nor-Cal resident.

    I would recommend this festival if you a first time filmmaker.

    May 2019
  • Phillip Hollins

    Though I really wish I could have attended this festival, the EIFF exceeded my expectations. They provide so much information, that you still feel you're a part of the festivities. I will definitely submit in the future again. Thank you. Finalist "Confessions of a College Hustler."

    February 2018
  • Great festival ! Awesome films and much respect to foreight films !

    February 2018