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  • J.J Smoking
  • Aoi Natsukawa
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    3 minutes 58 seconds
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    August 11, 2019
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Director Biography

In 1986 , born in a theater company's house, she has appeared in musicals as "Aoi Natsumi" since she was a child actor, and as she grew up, she acted as an artist and leader. She shifted to life as a member of society in her mid-20s. She saw the stressed and cramped office workers up close to her, and she decided to objectively look at her activities that she had done so far. In fall 2016, she wants to deliver a place where these people can return to their original state. She resumed her activities as a singer-songwriter.

[1990] she appeared in two works (musical, narrative, play, dance) every year in a performance sponsored by the theater company Musica Fonte, and left the group in 2011.
[2000] BIG FACE performance Tsutsui World FINAL "Zashiki Bokko" appearance
[2009] Appeared in "Anne of Green Gables" sponsored by DPI / NGO United Nations Classical Live Association
[2010] Live "Summer Road" held
[2011] Aoi Natsumi one-man live "Himawari-san Sun !! nana time signature ♪" * Held every year thereafter
[2012] Theatrical company Gimo Koyo! Appeared in the 13th performance "Trompe-l'oeil-Dama was fooled by me !?"
[2012] Performed at the theater company Mag's Sams stage.7 "Zoo Keepers" * Excellence Award at the 24th Ikebukuro Theater Festival
[2013] Theatrical company Mag's Sam's stage.8 "Change the World"
[2013] Appeared in the 13th performance of the theater company "Excessive Evaluation Habit"
[2014] She started working as a moderator in the bridal industry
[2015] Theatrical company Mag's Sam's stage.10 "2 Family Horror House"
[2016] unit CHEAPARTS stage No.03
Starring "ELPIS page"
[2016] She started live activities as a singer

Release CD
1st. Single "Twisted Heart"
1st. Mini album "Aya ~ IRODORI ~"
2nd. Single "How to light your heart"
3rd. Single "Face Sunny Little Heroes"

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Director Statement

This music video is a combination of the seven deadly sins and Alice.