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The Angry Man and the Weaver

From a word guided by a brutal warrior code, where the gods dictated every detail of humanities’ fate, comes an epic tale of two people and their ultimate destinies. Following Angry Man and Weaver’s’ coming of age tale, the narrative occurs during a time of conflict between Sparta and Troy. With war looming, they find each other and relate how the gods picked them, set the course of their marriage, and ultimately tore them apart. Little-known myths leading up to the Trojan War unfold as the backdrop to their stories. During these events, they interact with the primary movers of the war including the unparalleled beauty, great kings, the indominable warrior, and support characters.

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Alexander Mescavage is an expert on human relationships, consciousness, and trauma. He is a psychologist, an amateur archaeologist, and a Biblical and Cabalistic scholar. As a creative writer, his specialties are ancient Greek and Roman history. But as a psychologist, he has also submitted many professional papers and contributed to chapters of numerous psychology books.

Eunice Beauchman is currently an editor for a publishing house, but she is also a professional writer and a poet. She has published two books of poetry and vignettes aside from The Romulus Chronicles: Mary’s Tale, another fiction she published together with Alexander Mescavage.

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