Open for submissions for our 2021 film festival.

Join us for the 3rd Annual Ag & Art Film Festival! The film festival is a celebration of agriculture and of art from around the world. Outdoor screenings take place at small farms, ranches and wineries in Solano County in Northern California. The festival screens films that have either agriculture or art as either a central theme or a big part of the overall film. We accept documentaries or narratives, micro-shorts, shorts, features or web series. Solano County is a short drive from Napa Valley, San Francisco, and Sacramento.

The Ag & Art Film Festival celebrates agriculture & art through storytelling and cinema. The festival also connects festival goers to local farmers and local artists. Special events include chefs who utilize locally-sourced food and wine and introduce festival-goers to the farmers who grow them.

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The Jury Awards:
Best AG Feature Film
Best AG Short
Best ART Feature Film
Best ART Short

Audience Awards:
Best AG Feature Film
Best AG Short
Best ART Feature Film
Best ART Short


(For 2021 Festival, September, 2021)

1 – All submissions received between November 9, 2020 and July 30th, 2021 will be considered for Ag & Art Film Festival 2021 (AAFF21).

2 - Premiere status is taken into account for all sections, and films that have not yet screened in Solano County prior to AAFF21 will be given priority.

3 – Supporter engagement will be taken into account for all selections. We encourage you to have a website and be active on social media to discover your audience. Why? It's easier for us to promote you if we know who your audience is.

4 – The Jury Award competitive program will only consider submissions completed in 2019, 2020 or on track to be completed prior to AAFF21.

5 – Eligible submissions, if not chosen for the Jury Award competitive program will be considered for an Audience Award program

6 – Submissions not in English must have English subtitles.

7 - Selected submissions must provide a 720HD or 1080HD .mpg file via email or filmmaker must allow the festival to download their film from FilmFreeway within 7 days of notification.


1 – AAFF promises to watch each submission, from start to finish. Guaranteed. You took the time to submit your project to AAFF21 and we’ll take the time to watch it. (Please note that your Vimeo counter will not take into account views if embedded into

2 – At the end of each submission period, and during the final weeks of our selection process, AAFF will regularly update the main contact on the status of the film. If you change your email address, please be sure to update AAFF. Additionally, we ask that you add to your address book, follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and please do not unsubscribe from our email list until films have been selected. This will ensure you receive all communications from AAFF during the submission period.

3 - AAFF will never share your contact information, or any part of your film, with a third party without your permission.


1 - If selected to AAFF21, you will be asked to sign an Acceptance Agreement within five (5) business days of initial contact. Failure to do so forfeits acceptance into AAFF21.

2 - All commercial/private property including all trademark and copyrighted materials shown or recorded on the project is the responsibility of the filmmaker. AAFF will not take responsibility for any infringement of copyrighted materials.

3 - Filmmakers of Official Selections agree to provide a 720HD or 1080HD .mpg file via email or filmmaker must allow the festival to download their film from FilmFreeway within 7 days of notification. approximately three (3) weeks prior to the festival. Please do not submit to AAFF21 if you're not able to provide a .mp4 file for screening purposes.

4 - Filmmakers with a feature or short film in the competitive program will be asked to supply a password-protected link for our panel of jurors.

5 – While we will always ask first, Filmmakers agree that their film, or clips from it, and all other material related to their project may be used and/or published in the event program, AAFF website, social networking sites, blog, and for any promotional purposes which AAFF deems appropriate.

6 – Filmmakers promise to provide AAFF with a full electronic press kit that must include a trailer, images for web and print, cast & crew information, and film synopsis. We can't promote you without your help.

7 – We ask that you participate in AAFF as much as possible. If you’re unable to attend your screening, please have a representative attend in your place. Please support your peers and celebrate independent cinema.

8 - The cost of delivery and pick-up of all materials is the responsibility of the filmmaker.

9 - AAFF holds no responsibility for lost or damaged films or promotional materials. The utmost care will be given with regard to films and promotional materials, but it is solely up to the filmmaker to take full responsibility.

10 - Take a deep breath, relax, and have fun!

By submitting to AAFF21 through confirms that you have read, understand and agree to the AAFF21 Terms of Entry.

Overall Rating
  • Amelia Spilger

    The Ag & Art Film Festival Team brilliantly navigated a pandemic and unprecedented wildfires—screening films outdoors to small groups at local farms. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to safely screen our film in person. Lisa and team were a delight to work with. Thank you!

    March 2021
  • Even though the pandemic kept me from attending this amazing festival, communication, photos, and messages from attendees made me feel as if I was there, socially distanced, beneath the stars. Thank you Lisa! The positive energy generated from this festival is palpable all the way from NYC.

    October 2020
  • Thank you Lisa and the Ag & Art Film Fest team! Not only did they present a stunning festival despite COVID and wild fires, they made being a part of the Fest a true joy. Can't wait to be back again someday with another film!

    October 2020
  • Leo Horrigan

    It was very inspiring to see the commitment that festival director Lisa Murray had to showing films this year, despite all of the difficulties related to California's wildfires. "The show must go on" took on a whole new meaning in this case -- and the Vacaville community really stepped up in providing venues for safe outdoor screenings. Thank you for letting our film be a part of it all. I hope we can be there in person at some future festival.

    October 2020
  • Dick DeAngelis

    After what these people went through this year with the fires, it is amazing how determined they were to share these films with their community and share their community with the world. Excellent event. I was proud to show our film there, especially under the historic circumstances. Thank you.

    October 2020