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Due to his mental illness, Lorenzo is able to show himself openly without any kind of complex. Lorenzo's virtues and defects are shown through a gaze that is at times close as well as distant, as is the loneliness and helplessness he endures every day. The purpose of this documentary is to dignify the person for who he is now and not for the memory of who he used to be, proving to us that what is human prevails over madness.

  • Rodrigo Demirjian
  • Rodrigo Demirjian
  • Rodrigo Demirjian
  • Lorenzo Santos Perez
    Key Cast
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    Documentary, Feature
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 1 minute 9 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    January 29, 2015
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    hd h264 .mov
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Director Biography - Rodrigo Demirjian

Rodrigo Javier Demirjian is a multifaceted and autodidact artist, born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and resident in Madrid from 2004. His parents are painters, which has greatly influenced his career.
He began his artistic career in the field of music in 1990. Five years later he is attracted to the visual arts, and he acquired his first camera.
Rodrigo kept these two disciplines in parallel until 2001, when he decided to unit them, thus starting his research in the field of experimental video, where he has collected several recognitions.
Later in 2008, he began his cinematographic career as a director, screenwriter and producer, in which he performed a serial of projects where the author’s vision and a production style with a minimal resources dominate.

Cinematographic filmography

-“Los piqueros de patas azules” (short film). Script, direction and production, 2009.
-“Ambiciones Doradas” (medium-length film). Script, direction and production, 2010.
-“Roke rock” (feature film). Script, direction and production, 2011(unpublished).
-“Santa Irene” (short film). Script, direction and production, 2012.
-“Inocencia” (short film). Direction, music and production, 2012.
-“Antiquités” (documentary short film). Script, direction and production, 2012.
-“Alla & Felix” (documentary short film). Script, direction and production, 2013.
-“Una película para el cielo” (documentary feature film). Script, direction and production, 2015 (unpublished).
-“Siempre con alegría” (documentary feature film). Script, direction and production, 2016.

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Director Statement

As documentary director I’m feeling the biggest interest in unconventional people. Those who are living, somehow, in the edge of what we consider "normal". I use the process of filmmaking as an excuse to approach and to know them. I basically try to dignify them by showing their world to others, giving them voice to what they want to express and transmitting the humanity that I see inside them.
The way to shoot is essential to create that connection based on trust and intimacy: no team, simplifying and making up the material as comfortable as possible to accompany the person wherever he wants me to guide. The technical quality is sacrificed in favor of getting closer to the person, for not intimidating unnecessarily, so that he can unleash his spontaneity.

Although “A Film for Heaven” talks about mental illness, the film doesn’t depict the life journey that Lorenzo Santos, its main character, followed until he got there. I’m aware that the specifics about his biography are confusing and ambiguous, but it’s not my main focus of interest. I preferred to center the attention of the film in the stories, actions and attitudes that reveal the background of his mental status. The documentary depicts the day-to-day of the protagonist and dives into the feeling of being in Lorenzo's shoes.
During the shooting, Lorenzo appeared as he is, so the observer can be aware of both his strengths and his weaknesses and the implied suffering of loneliness and helplessness. Beyond all of that, I aim to display his humanity and dignify the person rather than his mental illness.