The Infestation

Newville, 2018

The Newville’s Festival of Lights has just begun, when unexplainable lights appear in

the sky over the remote town. The local business owners are always more than

hospitable to the annual visitors, who bring more money in that one week than they will

make for the entire year. But through the shopkeepers thinly veiled smiles they remain

on edge. For, this event also promotes the local folklore about UFOs, something you

won’t find many in town eager to talk about.

Emma Courso (26) knows the folklore only too well. While studying the mysterious light

which suddenly appeared above their town, Emma’s father, a well-known and respected

researcher, disappeared. During the Festival, Emma’s friends stay close to make sure

she has all the support she needs during the emotional weekend and do all they can to

distract her.

But since losing her father, Emma obsessively searches for answers about the case

and the lack of support from the local authorities has left Emma wondering if her

obsession is even sane.

According to government authorities, managed by Federal Agent Stephanie Loid, there

is no official record on the subject. But new disappearances this season are leading

Agent Loid to believe something terrible is happening.

The situation only gets worse when more of Emma’s loved ones disappear and Emma

and her remaining friends discover first hand the horrifying reality behind the fanciful

folklore the Festival promotes.

  • Daniel Gonzalez
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    Screenplay, Other
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Writer Biography - Daniel Gonzalez

Producer, Director & Screenwriter.
I started my professional life as a conceptual artist and 3d artist for video game companies on different platforms, supporting screenwriters and directors with creative ideas.
I am trained in all the creative production stages of an audiovisual product. I worked as a director and colorist, for short films. Currently specializing in Digital Marketing.

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