Zuzana Gedeon, Director

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Sample of work:
1 minute short Purple Cauliflower https://vimeo.com/694693967/d3218702d0

Director's Reel (optional) : https://vimeo.com/727920759

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ELIGIBILITY/professional work
I worked for 11 years as a software developer at RighNow Technologies.

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    Animation, Documentary, Experimental, Feature, Music Video, Short, Television, Other
  • Runtime:
    3 minutes 47 seconds
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Director Biography

My first trip, after my daughter passed from her terminal disease, took me to Kyoto, which turned out to be incredibly lucky on my way to recovery from the devastating trauma. Spending many hours every day alone, and visiting local shrines and temples, provides an opportunity to start meditating and healing. On my last day I visited Nara, elbowed my way through the line of little children, and managed to slide through the "Buddha's Nostril," which, according to the local belief, ensures reaching the enlightenment. More importantly I came to the conclusion, that what the world needs is a way to ease the pain, and that I can be a vehicle of that process.
Suddenly I found myself divorced, quitting my job at a software company, earning MFA from local film school, traveling in a van to LA, and pursuing directing career.
Even pandemic didn't stop me, I branched out and thanks to AWD, WiM, WIF and other amazing organizations I managed to keep the momentum, sharpened my writing skills an understanding of what makes a good story, and inhaled remotely all that I could.
On the weekend of June 24-26th, 2022, for Montana 48hr film project, I finally managed to helm and direct my most exciting piece to day. My biggest win of the weekend was the moment when someone asked the group if they would do it again and almost everyone raised their hand. Personally I can't wait to create another film, this time one where I have a little more time to polish the shooting script, prepare the shoot and have more time working with actors.

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Director Statement

As a former software developer, I was quickly drawn to special effects and technological aspects of filmmaking. Thanks to my experience in Japan, I think every day about how my actions and interactions help ease the pain in the world. I feel that directing is the best vehicle for me to marry my skills and passions to move me in the right direction toward this seemingly impossible goal.
I believe that your program will give me an opportunity to learn on the set. Being there, going through similar paces as a seasoned director, watching (her/him/them) in their process, observe how they deal with emergencies, communicate and negotiate with the crew and actors would be an experience that is nearly impossible to have otherwise. Being on the older side, I bring to the table experiences, most younger people do not have, but I also do not have 20 years to work my way up from PA to directing position. I hope, that this program is a springboard, that will launch me into the space where I feel I need to be to do what I am meant to do, and help me carry with me many more people on their path, as no single person can do what needs to be done.