The Zanzibar International Film Festival is currently accepting applications from filmmakers from around the world according to different categories of competition.

The Zanzibar International Film Festival is one of the largest multi-disciplinary art and cultural festival in Africa dedicated to films, music and different form of art.

Each year ZIFF exhibits films from Africa, Middle East, Europe, Latin America, USA and Asia.

The 21th Edition of ZIFF will take place 7th -15th July, 2018 in Stone town, Zanzibar.

The theme of the Festival is Speak Up and Make it Heard - Sema na Usikike
The priority is given to films from Africa and by Africans including African Diaspora.

ZIFF is also the festival of the Dhow Countries so it opens to films from the region – South East Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, The Persian Gulf, Iran, Pakistan, and the Indian Ocean Islands. These films have their category and prizes in the competition

ZIFF also reserves the right to accept any films with a specific interest to the festival. We encourage filmmakers to submit works in any genre, features, documentaries, shorts, animation, TV series and music videos.

Best Feature film
Best Short film
Best Documentary
Best Feature from Dhow Countries
Best Short from Dhow Countries
Best Film from International
Best African Animation
Best East African Film
Best TV Series
Best East Africa Video Music (by Trace TV)
Best WEB Series

Chairperson’s or Bibi Kidude Award
ZIFF Lifetime Achievement Award.
Sembene Ousmane Prize for the 3 best short films made by an African or an African in the Diaspora.
Swahili Movies Awards: Films in Kiswahili
Emerson of Zanzibar Prize Films: Films of all genres about Zanzibar, made by or made in Zanzibar.
SIGNIS Awards: Best African Film and Best East African Talent Award
EAFF Award : (European African Film Festival)
Adiaha Award: for BEST DOCUMENTARY by an African Female Filmmaker

Films in competition must be directed or produced from 2016. Work in Progress can be submitted but must be finished by May 2018.

Overall Rating
  • Branden Hampton

    Great Festival! We weren't able to attend but our documentary "FEARLESS" was selected into the documentary category. Fabrizio and the communications team did a great job of following up. Can't wait to actually visit in the future and submit our next film into Ziff as well.

    July 2018
  • Kemiyondo Coutinho

    Fantastic film festival! Nothing like it. With the backdrop of beautiful Zanzibar you can truly mix business and pleasure at this festival. Truly the most magical experience I’ve had in a while.

    July 2018
  • hatibu madudu

    It was indeed an amaizing Festival

    July 2018

    In as much as i had wanted to attend ziff 2018, I was not able to attend it because of financial constraints. It was exciting for my short animated film Got Flowers Today to be selected to screen, i never new it was going to win but it did🕺💃. The Ziff team have to work on communication. The festival had ended 1week ago and i have not recieved any official message from the ziff team about my Win. Still expecting a communication on the formality of collecting the Golden dhow award.
    Congratulations to the ziff team for a successful festival, keep up the good job👍

    July 2018
  • El kheyer Zidani

    It was a good experience in Zanzibar, it's very beautiful island and really I would like to back again.
    My film was in documentary competition and it was diffecult to get prize because there is a many good films and mixed between short and long documentary so it was hard.
    The bad thing that the Zanzibar film festival it's big festival but they offre nothing for filmmker who has selected there, so I pay all my charge to participate there.

    I wish a good luck for all team of Zanzibar film festival.

    July 2018