Zagori Fiction Days Festival is a competition focused on television pilot episodes which are based on novel literary adaptations. Very specific, yes. But we believe that there is a need for better television programs in Europe. We want to provide an opportunity to every creative mind to compete with the best on your field whether you are a writer, a screenwriter, a publisher, a show-runner, a creator, a director or a music composer. The competition will be part of Zagori Fiction Days an international encounters meeting concentrated on a "books into tv series" forum that will host numerous events including screenings, meetings, workshops and seminars.

The three finalists - 1 screenwriter or writer, 1 show-runner or creator and 1 music composer - will get to come to Greece for the Award Ceremony and will be awarded packages of coach service on their field of work.

 Entrants can submit to the ZFD more than one series pilot.
 Entrants should authorise ZFD to have access to their pilots screening on Vimeo, Youtube or DailyMotion.
 Awards and Official Selections are based on overall merits of the series pilots and are at the sole discretion of the jury and programming committee
 The preselection and selection ZFD committee' and jury's decisions are final..
 Seriesmakers selected will be contacted by ZFD two weeks prior to the screenings.
 Seriesmakers selected will assume eventual shipping costs of off-line screening copy and promotional material to the ZFD
 Please do not send press kits. If your series pilot is selected ZFD will contact you if we need press materials .
 All responses by ZFD will be made by email.
 By submitting your series pilots to ZFD you agree that you have read, understood, and agree to all the afore mentioned rules and guidelines.