The African Film Festival and Academy Awards also known as ZAFAA Global Awards is a highly regarded film event in the UK. ZAFAA Global Awards was held in Lagos Nigeria for the first time in collaboration with Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and is ready to be hosted in any African Country to promote African Cultural Heritage for the big exchange - the Biggest Tourist Festival is taking place in the global business capital - London UK.
ZAFAA Global Awards from Diaspora's perspective, dedicated to promoting African movies and entertainment industry makers to the outside world. It is the biggest African Film Festival ever that attracts crème de la crème of African International stars outside of Africa, to meet and socially meet-one-on-one, deliberate, network during and after the exhibition of Africa’s post-colonial culture the ZAFAA Global Awards is always ready to make it happen again but not without the energy of all of you - the Kingmakers and professional promoters around the world.
Nollywood Entertainment Limited UK, is a body registered in England & Wales in association with ZAFAA Global Awards, both entertainment companies also registered in Africa to host ZAFAA in London, UK in 2021.
‘We introduced the name “NOLLYWOOD” to the Nigerian Film Industry and we promote the African entertainment industry through film festivals and Academy awards
- Leading international Actors/Actresses
- The British Film Institute (BFI) or
- Other Partners Training System (On/Offline)
- Film Makers
- Motion Picture Equipment Manufacturers
- Motion Picture Investors
- High-Level Government Functionaries
- Diplomats
- International Media
- Cultural Ambassadors
- Large public
- Grand Finale (with all African Big Show)