ZPTV is a true independent Roku Channel, with over 38,000 installations around the world. ZPTV was started by the same individuals who founded the prestigious California Independent Film Festival (CAIFF) in 1997. In 2017, CAIFF will be celebrating its 20th film festival. CAIFF and ZPTV is prefect combination. The ZPTV Film Festival will be a monthly event were ZPTV viewers from around the world will vote and choice the winner for the ZPTV Best Short Back Lot Award. The winners of the monthly Back Lot Award will receive $100 and compete at the 20th Annual California Independent Film Festival for the Grand Prize of $500. Submit your short film today and get it seen around the world!

Why ZPTV Film Festival?

· When your short film is selected it will be broadcasted on ZPTV on over 38,0000 viewers around the world on Ruko.

· Monthly Back Lot Award winners will receive $100.

· Back Lot Award winners will be screened at the 20th California Independent Film Festival in September 2017, competing for the Grand Prize.

· Grand Prize will be an additional $500.

· More exposure for your short then a traditional film festival.

· The film will be voted on by the viewers of ZPTV not just a few jury members.

· Viewers can watch your short film on their time – 24 hours a day, 360 days a year in the comfort of their living room.

· You will receive feedback and comments about this film (yes, the all comments).

· Your family and friends can attend ZPTV Film Festival anywhere in the world. Just let them know your short is on ZPTV and tune in.

How it works:
We accept submission for one month, and screen the top submissions the next month. For example, submissions are accepted October 15-November 15, and the top submissions from that set will be screened on ZPTV during the month of December.

About ZPTV

ZPTV is FREE on Roku. Watch award winning independent films, classic movies and television series, plus original television series not seen anywhere else like “The Andy Griffith Show”, “The Beverly Hillbillies”, "Ryan and Sean's Not So Excellent Adventure", "Actors Comedy Studio", “San Franland” and "Rita Moreno Live at the Orinda Theatre". You can find artistic and thought provoking programs as well as pointless entertainment. We take risks. We've removed common barriers. In short, we give you everything from A to Z no matter what the critics say. ZPTV is not status quo. We're just pure entertainment.

Monthly Back Lot Award winners will receive $100. Grand Prize will be an additional $500 at the California Independent Film Festival in September 2017.