The festival is free of charge and intended for all children from primary and secondary schools who devote their free time to educating themselves in the arts of films or are involved in film clubs.
At the festival you can:
- participate by submitting your films that will be inspected by a special committee which will choose the best film in different categories
- take part in free morning film workshops led by renowned experts and
- watch films from your peers
The festival is meant to encourage, educate and provide an insight to youngsters into the process of creating a film. The young communicate their problems, fears, wishes and desires to us and the world precisely through the means of film language. This festival is also an opportunity for mentors to look into and compare with other schools and production companies.

- primary school: authors up to 14 years of age
- secondary school: authors up to 19 years of age

- Slovenian section
- international section

the winning film in every category and in each section will get the prize (200 €)

- submitted films must be made by children and adolescents under the age of 19 (others will be rejected)
- submission will be accepted until February 26, 2018
- submitted films must not be a part of previous ZOOM editions
- films must have a runtime of 20 minutes or less
- films must be produced after January 1, 2016
- there is a strict “no premiere” policy
- films must be submitted via FilmFreeway or via e-mail (
- films must be available in DCP format for festival screening
required film resolution: 1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080
- languages accepted: Slovenian or English audio or with English subtitles (please submit the dialog list in external document)

Do mind:
All award recipients are required to send bank account number, during the claim period (30 days from the announcement date) that the prize should be transferred into your bank account.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you so much "ZOOM"! You give me hope, which I wait many times. You give me new creative power and this is priceless. I start believe my films via your festival. Thank you ZOOM!

    March 2018
  • elementary school ''Kulin Ban'' Tesanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    An excellent festival.
    Heartily recommend to all young filmmakers.

    March 2018
  • Max Shoham

    this is a great opportunity to connect with filmmakers from all around the world.

    October 2017
  • Anton Forsdik

    Fantastic fine film festival in a wonderfully beautiful city and wonderful country.
    High quality on them most of the films and jury members were very film savvy.
    Comunication works perfect. Very friendly and helpful people working with the festival.

    April 2017
  • Jacqueline Sánchez-Carrero

    Thank you ZOOM! It's a excellent festival...!

    April 2017