There are many quotes about how the youth of today is our future tomorrow, and yet as adults we have a habit of dismissing what the youth have to say. The Youth In Action Short Film Festival (YIASFF) is designed to give today’s youth a voice.

Film today is a powerful tool that can be used to inform, inspire, and hopefully ignite change. During the YIASFF the filmmakers are given an opportunity to use film to tell a story that can bring forth awareness of complex issues (ranging from social, environmental, economical, and more) along with highlighting possible solutions. Film is powerful because it gives the audience a visual understanding of how these issues effect the lives of individuals, families and communities; despite maybe never experiencing them for ourselves.

In addition to trophies and certificates for winners, all filmmakers who participate (are actors or crew) in the creation of a submitted film will be entered into a draw for a number of other door prizes that we have, plus an additional door prize for filmmakers who attends the festival.

1. Submissions are welcome from all over the world

2. All submissions must be 30 minutes or less.

3. Films must be in good taste and suitable for all audiences.

4. Any film containing copyrighted material by anyone other then yourself, must have proper consent (and proof showing consent). Some examples of copyright or trademark infringements include (but not limited to): music, snack foods showing brands, logo’s on clothing. One thing to keep in mind when filming is to ensure any logo’s on any props or costumes is either not showing, or covered.

5. Non-English language shorts must be subtitled in English or contain minimal dialog.

6. Films should highlight an issue of choice. Some examples include Cyber Bullying, Global Warming, Poverty, the choices are endless.

7. Producers of the film must have signed media releases for everyone in their film. Copies of consent may be requested by festival administration in the event that your film is chosen to be featured or win an award.

Any films failing to meet this criteria will be disqualified.

Overall Rating
  • Joshua Costea

    Super thrilled to have 2 of my films winning awards at YIASFF! Though we haven't attended the festival, I was extremely pleased with the communication and how easy we worked with the organizers of the festival. We will definitely submit again next year!

    June 2016