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Your own matter is the confluence of all things, phase I

A video essay that addresses the duplication of landscapes scenarios and affective xenopolitics as a territorial exploitation and strategy in the construction of national identity in Chile. Exploring the colonial representations and geopolitical associations between "identity", "nature", "barbarism" and "instrumentalist senses of materiality" as rhetoric of belonging.

The starting point for this exploration is the current construction of an inner chapel named “Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles” (Our Lady of the Angels), at Rancagua City in the south of Chile. This chapel will be a replica of the inner chapel of the famous “Sagrada Familia” church in Barcelona. Working with graphics and sound archives as a visual narrative, the video essay analyses the ideological meanings assigned to this chapel and replicated architecture. The video essay examines the impact of colonialism and globalisation strategies to create national identity through different materialities (Chile's raw materials) that will cover the architectural surface of this chapel. By transforming different archives found on the Internet such as 3D models, soundscapes from mineral surfaces and interpretations of interviews with historians, geographers, philosophers, anthropologists, architects and other citizens from Chile (in the Global south) into a video essay.

  • Francisco Navarrete Sitja
  • Francisco Navarrete Sitja
  • Francisco Navarrete Sitja
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Tu materia es la confluencia de todas las cosas, fase I
  • Project Type:
    Animation, Experimental, Web / New Media, Other
  • Genres:
    Video Art, experimental
  • Runtime:
    17 minutes 50 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    January 30, 2019
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
    Netherlands, Spain
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Director Biography - Francisco Navarrete Sitja

Francisco Navarrete Sitja (1986, Chile) is a graduate and Master degree in Visual Arts of the University of Chile. Currently, he is a scholarship student in the Programme of independent Studies PEI at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona MACBA (ES) 2017-2018. He lives in Chile and works between Santiago (CL) and Barcelona (ES).

He has participated in different artistic residencies: Residencia Colbún (Colbún, CL); V2_Lab for Unstable Media (Rotterdam, NL); Casapoli (Coliumo, CL); Idensitat ID (Navarra, ES); Proyecto Norte II (Iquique, CL); L’Asilo Filangieri (Napoli, IT); Festival de Arte Sonoro TSONAMI (Valparaíso, CL); Etiopía Centro de Arte y Tecnología (Zaragoza, ES); Proyecto Norte I (Iquique, CL); Fundación BilbaoArte Fundazioa (Bilbao, ES); Festival de fo- tografía FIFV (Valparaíso, CL); among others. Recently, he took part in a long-term art residency (2017-2018) at Hangar.org (Barcelona, ES).

He has exhibited individually or collectively at places such as: X Bienal SIART (La Paz, BO); Centro Cultural Palacio la Moneda (Santiago, CL); Fundación Botín (Santander, ES); Centro Cultural de España CCE (Santiago, CL); Can Felipa (Barcelona, ES); Galería Gabriela Mistral (Santiago, CL); Centro Huarte (Navarra, ES); Museo de Arte Contemporáneo MAC (Santiago, CL); Fundación La Posta (Valencia, ES); Lo Pati, Centro de Arte de las Tierras del Ebro (Amposta, ES); Balmaceda Arte Joven (Santiago, CL); LOOP Festival Barcelona (Barcelona, ES); BilbaoArte Fundazioa (Bilbao, ES); Festival de la imagen (Bogotá, CO); Fundación Telefónica (Caracas, VE); Casa de las Américas (La Havana, CU); Athens Video Art Festival (Athens, GR); Parque Cultural de Valparaíso (Valparaíso, CL); Wunderlich Gallery (Melbourne, AU); Bienal de Artes Mediales (Santiago, CL); Savvy Contemporary (Berlin, DE); Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Santiago, CL); Factory-Art Gallery (Berlin, DE); La Petite Mort Gallery (Toronto, CA); Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento BIM (Buenos Aires, AR); and Galería BECH (Santiago, CL), among others.

He has participated in different artistic publications: Visiones Laterales: Cine y video experimental chileno 2005-2015 (CL); Territorio Compartido (CL); Arte y Des-industrialización, Tomé 2018 (CL); Tarapacá Landscapes (CL); Estéticas Transversales-Ecosistemas Periféricos, Navarra (ES); among others.

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Director Statement

For some time, the projects that I have been developing in different locations have in common the exploration in geographic contexts, eco-social environments and specific/interdependent material relations. From this immersion – which are formal, conceptual and sensible– I had investigated about production of spaces and how they shape senses, feelings and particular perception experiences. My artwork has seeked to think about the configuration processes, representation and affective implication to what we called “territory” and “materiality”. My intention is to interrogate the historicity of and in those contexts and explore the relations that underlie there.

To this effect, I would like to highlight the use of different artistic operations, contextual research processes and grassroots methods. My professional activity is characterized by the speculation of historic narratives connected with particular and grounded eco-social environments. Also, in my work I pursue to question the symbolic dimension of material’s expressions and phenomenons in those environments. I propose to look at these relations as a facilitator for new horizons of meaning and senses of materiality.

I use the expressions of visual language, archives, graphics, video, soundscapes, and con- temporary images through different strategies, forms and medias. This allows me to transit and to explore different organization of the sensitivity. At the present time, and considering my artistic and research processes in development, it becomes clear to identify my interest on making the question about the configuration of “landscapes scenarios”.