Young Liars - Screenplay

A misogynistic journalist, hungry and broke in LA, tests a tech company’s latest invention that pushes the boundaries of gender and consciousness, forcing him into the mind of a dangerous modern woman

  • Adam Christy
    The Drifter
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    Psychological Horror, Sci-Fi Thriller
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Adam Christy

Adam Christy is a filmmaker and founding member of Dream Room Pictures. Beginning with a HI 8 camera and his friends in the neighborhood, Adam has brought people together to create. His self-produced shorts and sketches as a teen landed him at the Filmsters Academy for four years where he excelled as writer/director, eventually becoming a junior teacher himself.

After winning "Best Actor" and "Best Picture" for two of his films simultaneously at AT&T's Nationwide Campus Moviefest in 2008, Adam relocated to Los Angeles to further his passion. Since then Adam has written and directed several short films and specs for the large and small screen including two feature screenplays and one original series.

Kevin Yorn of Morris Yorn Law is Executive Producer on his latest project "Young Liars" which was awarded BEST SHORT FILM at H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival in 2018. Other artists aligned with Kevin include Scarlett Johanssen, Jordan Peele, Nick Cassavetes, Gaspar Noe and Martin Scorcese.

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Writer Statement

Art reminds us we have a soul.

I strive to bring light into the darkness. To speak the unspeakable with images. By mining the depths of my being, I face whatever demons I find and embrace them. Seeing their humanity. Though my art is personal, the themes are universal.

Often pitting man against self, I examine the idea that every hero’s journey is ultimately a journey of self-discovery and rebirth. In a time when the world is attached to all that glitters, my work is designed to break the audience free from artifice and the limits of a one-dimensional perspective. Holding up a two-way mirror.

Creating something new means breaking down the barrier between the witness and what is witnessed, the viewer and the artist, transcending limitations — offering an experience of unity with the characters on the screen, then, with a deeper level of your being. By subverting expectations and going beyond tropes, I aim to discover a new hero…with you. The fun is in the seeking.