18 Years Old Is Great!!!

My 18th birthday, the most beautiful age for teenage girls. September 20, 2023, A milestone marks my most memorable day and I asked my friends to take portraits of me. I wore a cherry red ao dai, elegant and youthful loose pants, and white clogs adorned my outfit. The location I chose was a park with many beautiful scenes such as a lake, a red love bridge, and green bushes. The weather is beautiful today and I'm happy to share these images on my page.

Concept, Photo Model, Photography: Duong Thi Thuy Man

Please do not use the image anywhere else without my consent. If you want to use it with thesis materials, videos, etc. Please email me directly via: ipr.contact.thuyman@gmail.com

  • Duong Thi Thuy Man
  • Genres:
    Portrait, Girl
  • Date Taken:
    September 20, 2023
  • Country of Origin:
    Viet Nam
  • Camera:
    Apple Iphone 14 Pro Max
  • Student Project: